The prime purpose of livestock agriculture is to harvest milk and meat. Pakistan is one of the leading milk producers in the world and also ranks high in meat production. However, handling, processing and marketing of these two very important and premium agricultural produce has been a low priority area. A deeper analysis has shown that their monetary worth is many times more than that of whole crop sector. Realizing this importance, Animal Products Improvement Program has been carved out, with a mandate of value addition through improved milk and meat handling / processing technologies.

The program is currently focusing on smallholders and processors, to develop better alternates of indigenous technologies and practices or make them more efficient and organize result-oriented trainings thereby generating better economic opportunities. A successful cottage or small-scale milk and /or meat processing unit can alleviate poverty and enhanced quality of life for low income groups, bringing prosperity, improving health and nutritional status of the community at large. Furthermore, the current focus is to develop accredited lab facilities to ensure the quality and safety of milk and meat products in the country.