PARC Research & Training Station (PRTS), Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan

PARC-IIBC, Sub-Station was established at Central Cotton Research Institute, Multan in April 15, 1993, later on shifted to College of Agriculture Bahauddin Zakriya University, Multan during the year 1995 under the signed memorandum between the both authorities i.e.  BZU-PARC. It is witnessed that lack of agricultural research and Shortage of trained manpower is the major constraint in improving agricultural productivity in the areas of southern Punjab because it performs the activities aimed at increasing food, feed and fiber production. Considering the need, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council converted this Sub-Station to PARC Research & Training Station (PRTS) in October, 15, 2010 which was one of the efforts to initiate research in major and minor groups of the crops i.e. cereals, pulses, oilseed, fodder, medicinal and other horticultural crops and to cater the training needs of all stakeholders of National Agricultural Research System.

PARC Research and Training Station will modify different training courses in various specialties of agriculture. Such courses will provide training by sharing latest information available with fellow scientists for the farmers, extension workers, agricultural students, and NGOs enabling to update their knowledge about the latest advances being made in the field of agriculture. In addition, different knowledge sharing activities like development of booklets on different agricultural technologies, participation in exhibitions, arranging workshops and field days, replying to farmers’ queries and publication of articles in print/electronic media will be undertaken by the station concerned.


  • Genetic improvement of crop varieties for economic traits

  • Continuous up-gradation of production technology of crop varieties

  • Environmental friendly protection from insect pests, diseases and weeds

  • Capacity building of different stakeholders for development of agriculture in Southern Punjab.