Research Facilities - AEI

Some of the main facilities available at the institute level are described briefly as under:


Prototype Fabrication Workshop

Necessary facilities are available in the existing prototype fabrication workshop, i.e. machining, shaping, threading, shear cutting, bending, grinding, lifting, welding, loading/unloading and parts inventory store etc. 



Institute is well equipped with the testing equipment and instruments, i.e. instruments for performance testing of new tractors, horsepower measurement, sound level meter, strain gauges, microcomputer with visual display unit and test rigs for testing of different seed metering mechanisms etc. 


Design Section

Design section is well equipped with designing equipment and instruments i.e. modern drawing boards and AutoCAD design facilities for engineers and draftsmen. Design office has small library for record and controlling the technical drawings of the ABEI developed machines, which can be supplied to the manufacturers on request.