Social Sciences Research Institute, Faisalabad

Initially, the Agricultural Economics Research Unit (AERU) was established in February, 1984 at provincial research headquarter (Ayub Agricultural Research Institute), Faisalabad to strengthen the research in agricultural social sciences discipline as it was neglected area of research at provincial level. Appreciating the vital role of technology transfer in overall agricultural development, AERU Faisalabad was upgraded to Technology Transfer Institute (TTI) in July, 2002. TTI with additional role of dissemination of new tested technology developed through National Agricultural Research System (NARS) among the farming community of the province. Afterwards, TTI was renamed as PARC Social Sciences Research Institute (PARC SSRI) in December, 2011 with mitigating the role of technology transfer due to strong provincial agricultural extension setup in Punjab. PARC SSRI, Faisalabadis a satellite research institute of PARC working under Directorate of Agricultural Economics (DAE), Social Sciences Division, Islamabad. PARC SSRI, Faisalabad conducts socioeconomics research in close collaboration with provincial research network for promotion of agricultural development.