Animal Sciences Division (ASD)

Animal Sciences Division (ASD) was established in 1980 under the umbrella of PARC. The aim of this division is to improve production potential of food animals. The prime task of ASD is to develop, monitor and evaluate research projects and eventually finding solutions to issues in livestock sector. The broader researchable areas of livestock/poultry/fisheries sector comprising innovation in nutrition, genetics, reproduction, health, dairy value addition and biotechnology. The Animal Sciences Division has several key objectives, including:


  • Breed Improvement: To enhance the productivity and quality of livestock through breeding technologies and genetic improvement programs.
  • Nutrition and Feeding: To develop and promote cost-effective and nutritionally balanced livestock feed and feeding practices.
  • Disease Control: To prevent, control, and manage diseases affecting livestock and poultry, with a focus on vaccine development and epidemiological tools.
  • Aquaculture and Inland fisheries: Improvement of productivity in fisheries through breeding, feeding and managemental practices.
  • Livestock Extension: To provide training and education to progressive farmers/stakeholders in the livestock/poultry/fisheries sector and disseminate best practices.
  • Conservation: To conserve and protect indigenous livestock breeds and genetic resources.
  • Environmental Sustainability: To promote environmental friendly sustainable livestock production practices.
  • Policy Development: To contribute in formulation process of policies related to livestock/poultry/fisheries sector in Pakistan.