Services - NSTHRI

  • The institute delivers technical services to the end users on following different priority areas.
  • Pure seed development of approved sugarcane varieties of the institute through tissue culture and bud chip methods for commercial cultivation.
  • Distribution of locally collected sugarcane fuzz among different research institutes of Pakistan.
  • Technical assistance to the growers for the control of insect pest and disease attack on sugarcane and other crops.
  • Nursery development of different indigenous trees, ornamental/fruit plants, and their distribution among the growers.
  • Development of disease free plants of high yielding banana varieties and distribution among the growers.
  • Technical support to growers through soil and water analysis and recommend suggestions.
  • Capacity development of the growers through on spot training for the acquaintance of latest planting skills and crop management strategies.
  • Internship training in various disciplines to students of B.Sc. (Agri) Hons of Agriculture Universities.