NARC Tender No 1-4/2022-23/PSDP-Project (GSRP)/NIGAB for Procurement of Consumable Stores as per detail..

No.F.1-4/2022-23/PSDP-Project (GSRP)/NIGAB

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)

National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC)

Directorate of Procurement (DOP)



Tender Notice

National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad intends to purchase consumable stores under PSDP Project, “Green Super Rice in Pakistan”, NIGAB, NARC and on free delivery basis at Central Store, NARC, Islamabad as per detail given as under:-




Tender Cost

Remark (s)


Consumable Stores


Pay Order, CDR or Bank Draft amounting to Rs.3000/-(Non-Refundable) drawn in the favor of “National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad”

Only sole agent, sole distributor, authorized dealer can participate for research consumable stores & other items from general order suppliers

The detailed specification of items along-with terms & conditions are mentioned in the tender document which can be purchased from the office of undersigned on any working day (Monday-Friday) during the office hours from 14-10-2022 by submitting a written request on the firm/company’s letter pad.

The tender documents can be submitted with 4% of the bid value as earnest money including taxes in shape of pay order/demand draft in favor of NARC, Islamabad latest by 11:00am on 31-10-2022. The tenders will be opened in the office of Directorate of Procurement, NARC at 11:30am on the same day in the presence of the bidders or their representatives. The firms should be registered with sales tax/income tax department. No tender document will be sold on 31-10-2022.

NARC reserves the right to reject all or any bid in accordance with PPRA Rule No 33. This tender advertisement can also be browsed at PPRA/PARC websites i.e. &


Director (Procurement) NARC
Phone No. 90733046-48