BARDC Tender Notice for Installation of Nursery Tunnel at Mastung

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC)

PARC Balochistan Agricultural Research and Development Center

Western bypass Brewery Road Quetta


Issue Date:    10-11-2022

Due Date:      06-12-2022

Tender Notice

Receiving Time: 11:00Hrs

Opening Time:   11:30Hrs


Balochistan Agricultural Research and Development Center Western bypass Brewery Road Quetta, intends installation of nursery tunnel under ALP-Project, “Improving Pistachio (Pistachio vera L.) Productivity through better budding and management practices in Balochistan, Pakistan” from experienced firms which have experience of nursery tunnel installation in Balochistan.






Installation of Nursery Tunnel           (20ft x80ft ) at Mastung

01 Unit

The detailed specification along-with terms & conditions are mentioned in the tender document. Tender documents can be purchased from the office of the Balochistan Agricultural Research & Development Center western bypass brewery road Quetta on any working day (Monday-Friday) during the office hours from 10-11-2022 by submitting a written request on the firm/company’s letter pad, along-with a pay order or bank draft amounting to Rs.3000/- (Non-Refundable) drawn in the favor of “Balochistan Agricultural Research And Development Center  Quetta”. Interested firms/bidders may submit their bids in the office of the Director General, BARDC, Western bypass brewery road Quetta, along-with a covering letter on firm/company letter pad, on or before 10:30am on 06-12-2022 positively. The bids will be opened on the same day in the office of Director General BARDC Quetta at 11:30 am in the presence of bidders or their nominated agents present there at. No tender document will be sold on 06-12-2022.

The participating firms should be registered with sales tax/income tax department. The payment of all the taxes shall be the responsibility of the firms/suppliers. PARC -BARDC reserves the right to reject all bids proposals at any time prior to the acceptance of a bid or proposal. The BARDC shall upon request communicate to any supplier or contractor who submitted a bid or proposal, the ground for its rejection of bids or proposals, but is not required to justify those grounds and BARDC may decrease or increase the quantity as per PPRA Rules.

This tender advertisement can also be browsed at PPRA/PARC websites i.e. &


Director General Balochistan Agricultural Research & Development Center
Western by Pass Brewery Road Quetta