PARC- Re-Tender Notice # 1-63 (230/234)/2022-2023 - Procurement and installation of Research & Office Equipment and Machinery

No. F. 1-63/2022-2023

 Pakistan Agricultural Research Council

 Directorate of Procurement


 Date of issue    27-02-2023                                                                                                                                                                                                            Receiving time         10.00 am

 Date of closing 17-03-2023                                                                                                                                                                                                            Opening time           10.30 am


PARC- Re-Tender Notice # 1-63 (230/234)/2022-2023

Procurement and installation of Research & Office Equipment and Machinery” under Research funds at AEI, NARC

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), as per relevant rules/ regulations and Govt. policy invites sealed bids for Procurement and installation of Research & Office Equipment and Machinery” under Research funds at AEI, NARC from the firms/companies, Suppliers during the year 2022-2023. The firms/ companies registered with income tax and Sales Tax department having relevant experience are invited to quote their rates/bids for each item to be delivered/ installed at NARC, Islamabad, under Research funds fiscal year 2022-2023.


Sr. #

Name of Items



CNC Turning Center with Standard Accessories (3 Axis)



CNC Vertical Machining Center (3 axis) with standard accessories and installation



Fiber Laser/Laser Cutter with software and accessories



3D Scanner with software and accessories



Computer (High-end Work Stations for design and simulation)



Air Condition



2.             The firms/companies those authorized and capable (and not involved in litigation and legal inquiry with PARC or any other department) may bid as per terms & conditions mentioned in the tender document. The tender document can be purchased by the firms/Suppliers from PARC Head Quarter on any working day from (8:00 AM to 4:00 PM) Monday to Friday from 27-02-2023 on written request of the firm/ company letter head/pad with firm registration certificate and GST / NTN valid number along with pay order / bank draft amounting to Rs.1500/- (Non-Refundable) in favor of PARC, Islamabad.


3.             Bidders who fulfills and abide by the prescribed terms & conditions given in tender document may submit their technical and financial bids as per format in separate envelope. The bids will be received on or before 17-03-2023 by 10.00 a.m. and will be opened by the committee on the same day at 10.30 a.m. at PARC Head quarter in the presence of bidders or their nominated representatives who choose to be present. No tender will be sold on date of opening of tenders. The quoted rates /bids shall be valid up to 31-12-2023.


4.             Each bid should be accompanied with 2% bid security of quoted bid amount in shape of bank draft or pay order (cheque (s) not acceptable) in favor of PARC. The conditional bids or the bids without security Money/ CDR or containing less security/ CDR shall not be accepted as per PPRA Rules.


5.             The payment of all applicable taxes is the responsibility of concerned firms/companies. PARC reserves the right to reject any or all bids proposals or may cancel the tender at any time prior to acceptance of a bid or proposal. However PARC shall upon request communicate to any firm/suppliers who submitted a bid or proposal, the grounds for its rejection of bids / proposals, but is not required to justify those grounds. PARC may decrease/increases or omit the quantity of equipment/tender items and also may add/change any instructions/ condition of this tender.


6.             This advertisement can also be downloaded from the website and on PPRA website



Muhammad Tahir Saleem

Director (Procurement)

Phone 051-9076-2231