Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali , Chairman, PARC



Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali is a highly accomplished scientist and researcher in the field of molecular biology and biotechnology. With a PhD from the University of Liverpool, England, and prestigious postdoctoral fellowships from Canada and Japan, he has gained expertise in Biotechnology.

Currently serving as Chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Dr. Ali has held key positions within the organization, including Director General of the National Agricultural Research Center (NARC), Member of the Plant Sciences Division (PARC) and Member Coordination and Monitoring (PARC).

Dr. Ali has published around 400 papers in national and international journals, showcasing his significant contributions to the scientific community. He has executed numerous research projects and established the State of the art – National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB), a renowned biotech center. Under his leadership, he has trained a skilled team and established the Department of Plant Genomics and Biotechnology.

His dedication to mentoring the next generation is evident through supervising numerous PhD and M.Phil students. Dr. Ali’s contributions include establishment of aeroponic technology for potato seed production, Pakistan’s first aflatoxin test laboratory, developing virus-free banana varieties, and introducing innovative techniques for potato seed production through tissue culture technology. He also introduced high yielding and long grain Green Super Rice (5) through genomics selections. Dr. Ali has accomplished yet another significant milestone with the establishment of the Speed Breeding Facility.

Dr. Ali has been honored with multiple research achievement awards, acknowledging his outstanding contributions. His groundbreaking research in gene identification, disease tolerance, and crop improvement carries profound implications for ensuring food security and safety.

Overall, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali is recognized for his significant contributions to agricultural research, technology development, and the dissemination of scientific knowledge.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali

Chairman, PARC