PARC organized a ground breaking international seminar focusing on the Genetic and Economic Impact of Norwegian Red Dairy Cattle.


  • Government is Determined to Revolutionize Livestock Sector through Breed Enhancement, Captain (R) Muhammad Asif
  • We are committed to strengthen the Livestock sector partnership with Pakistan.", Norwegian Ambassador
  • PARC & Norwegian Researchers Collaborating to Improve Genetics of Indigenous Cattle Breeds, Chairman PARC


Islamabad: (Dte. PR&P, PARC) Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) organized a ground breaking international seminar focusing on the Genetic and Economic Impact of Norwegian Red Dairy Cattle. The seminar provided a platform for experts and stakeholders to explore the potential of Norwegian Red Cattle in enhancing genetic and domestic breed improvement in the dairy industry of Pakistan. Following the seminar, Holstein Research Management (HRM) Dairies (Pvt) Ltd. Pakistan and Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) inked a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at boosting collaboration to enhance the livestock sector of Pakistan. Under this partnership, both organizations have pledged to provide technical support for capacity building and to conduct training programs in Theriogenology, animal breeding, and genetic research and development. PARC's institutions, the National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB) and the Animal Sciences Institute (ASI), will jointly facilitate research on genomic testing and Theriogenology to optimize the utilization of improved Norwegian Red Cattle semen.


In his address, Federal Secretary for MNFS&R, Captain (R) Muhammad Asif, highlighted the diversity of domestic livestock breeds and underscored the importance of breed improvement and the genetic advancement of domestic cattle breeds. He emphasized the government's unwavering commitment to revolutionize the livestock sector through genetic breed improvement, recognizing it as a crucial component in ensuring national food & nutritional security. Ms. Noor Khan, the Norwegian Ambassador to Pakistan, emphasized the considerable potential for knowledge exchange between Pakistan and Norway in the livestock sector. She elaborated on the ongoing efforts to facilitate collaboration and partnership between the two nations, particularly in livestock improvement, aiming to enhance the livestock sector.


In his welcome remarks, Chairman of PARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, emphasized that Pakistani scientists are actively involved in enhancing the genetic traits and overall breed improvement of indigenous cattle breeds. Their focus remains dedicated to addressing prevalent diseases, viruses affecting breed productivity.He expressed his optimistic outlook that collaborative endeavours with HRM Dairies, and Norwegian scientists would enablethe enhancement of our domestic cow breeds leading to improved productivity in both milk and meat sectors. Mr. Knut Ingolf Dragset from Geno Global delivered a comprehensive presentation that delved into the possibilities and potential advantages of integrating Norwegian Red Dairy Cattle into Pakistan's dairy sector. He emphasized the importance of utilizing the superior genetic characteristics of Norwegian Red Dairy Cattle to enhance milk yield and overall productivity.