• Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Visits NARC, Vows To Establish Endowment Fund For Agricultural Research

Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research Visits NARC, Vows To Establish Endowment Fund For Agricultural Research

Government Fully Committed for Advancing Agriculture, Research, and Science, Rana Tanveer Hussain

Innovation In Agriculture Is Key To Economic Growth, Chairman PARC

Islamabad: (PR&P, PARC) Federal Minister for National Food Security and Research, Rana Tanveer Hussain, paid a visit to the National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) to gain insights into the cutting-edge research facilities at NARC and have a valuable interaction with the agricultural scientists of the council. The Federal Minister commended Chairman PARC and PARC’s pivotal contributions to safeguarding food and nutritional security. He underscored the historical resilience of agriculture in boosting national economy during periods of economic turmoil. The Minister affirmed that the current government is steadfast dedicated to transform the agricultural landscape of Pakistan, emphasizing ongoing initiatives to support agricultural research and technological advancements in agriculture sector to enhance crop productivity, as in the past. Recognizing food security as a global imperative, the Minister highlighted the significance of Agricultural research institutions in addressing the critical challenges of climate change. He emphasized the indispensable role of continuous financial support to research in driving technological progress and innovation, not only in agriculture but in other sectors as well.


Chairman PARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali expressed gratitude to the Federal Minister, members of the media, and scientists for their proactive involvement in promoting food and nutritional security. He highlighted the fundamental role of research as the cornerstone of scientific advancement, technological innovation, and emphasized the necessity of investments in research endeavors. Dr Ali said that the facilitation of researchers and scientists is crucial to optimizing the potential of young researchers. It is imperative for young agricultural scientists to engage in collaborative efforts with international institutions and researchers to enhance their knowledge base. Chairman also highlighted PARC's comprehensive presence across all ecological zones in alignment with varying climatic conditions. Dr Ali also stressed the importance of establishing an endowment fund to ensure sustained funding for research activities.

During his visit, the Minister was briefed on the innovative research initiatives being undertaken at NARC, including the National Institute of Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology (NIGAB), Wheat Speed Breeding, and the Plant Genetic Resources Institute. Members from PARC's Board of Governors, distinguished agricultural scientists, and media personals were also present at the occasion.