Chairman PARC alongwith U.S Ambassador to Pakistan and D.G. NARC during the launching ceremony of "Fertilizer Right" project

Chairman PARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali alongwith U.S Ambassador to Pakistan, H.E. Donald Blome and Deputy Director General NARC, Dr. Shehzad Asad during the launching ceremony of "Fertilizer Right" project at NARC, Islamabad on 14-03-2023. 

  • Efficient use of fertilizers is essential for climate and food security, Chairman PARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali
  • U.S. Government looks forward to partnering with PARC in "Fertilizer Right" Initiative, U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan


Islamabad - March 14, 2023:In a collaborative effort to address climate, environmental, and economic challenges, the United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Donald Blome, and the Chairman of the Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, announced launching of "Fertilizer Right" project in Pakistan. This innovative four years project, costing $4.5 million, aims to help Pakistani farmers to enhance fertilizer use efficiency through innovative practices. As part of the U.S.-Pakistan "Green Alliance" framework, the project prioritizes cooperation to overcome agricultural challenges caused by climate change, with a shared objective of reducing carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. With this vital initiative, the United States and Pakistan are committed to build a sustainable future, supporting farmers and communities to overcome the complex environmental challenges of the future.


On this occasion, Chairman PARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali applauded the support extended by the United States to the agricultural sector of Pakistan for decades and also highlighted various collaborative initiatives between USDA and PARC. “Pakistani scientists are being trained under United States capacity building programs and these scientists are continuously contributing to the agricultural development in the country”, the Chairman said. Dr. Ali highlighted that irrational use of chemical fertilizers to increase agricultural productivity and meet the food demands of growing population is leading to environmental degradation and health hazards. Efficient use of fertilizers is crucial for sustainable agriculture and food security in Pakistan. The Chairman expressed that the "Fertilizer Right" initiative will develop the capacity of Pakistani farmers' in utilizing fertilizers effectively, which will lead to increased crop yields without negatively impacting the environment.


Both sides expressed a strong commitment to collaborate for boosting agricultural sector of Pakistan through joint research and technical supportwith the ultimate goal of creating a strong economy.