Food Science Research Institute (FSRI)

Food technology research lab was established in 1984 and upgraded to Food Quality and Nutrition Program (FQNP) in 1990. Further expansion with the technical and financial support of European Union and government of Pakistan through PSDP andother development project. Under this up-gradation Grain Quality Testing lab having diversified analysis facilities especially for grains was established in 2004. These laboratories are carrying out research and providing analytical services to public and private sectors. FQNP was up-graded to Food Science & Product Development Institute in 2010 andthen renamed as Food Sciences Research Institute (FSRI) in 2018.

FSRI, NARC now is a leading national institute involved in food and nutrition R&D.It also provides food analysis services through Grain Quality Testing Lab. Facilities include physio-chemical, nutritional, microbiological and food safety analysis of food commodities and products. FSRI and its scientist have managed to be in lime light both nationally and internationally which is evident from the scientific publication, technical reports, multinational linkages and services rendered to public sector.