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PARC Research Centers & their Institutes


National Agricultural Research Center, Islamabad

  Southernzone Agricultural Research Centre, Karachi
Agricultural Engineering Institute (AEI)   Crop Diseases Research Institute, Karachi
Agricultural Economics Research Institute (AERI)   Coastal Agricultural Research, Karachi
Agriculture Poly Technique Institute (API)   Grain Storage Research, Karachi
Animal Sciences Institute (ASI)   Livestock & Fisheries Research, Karachi
Bio Resources Conservation Institute (BCI)   Pesticide Research, Karachi
Crop Diseases Research Institute (CDRI)   Vertebrate Pest Control, Karachi
Climate, Energy & Water Research Institute (CEWRI)    
Crop Sciences Institute (CSI)   National Sugar & Tropical Horticulture Research Institute , Thatta
Directorate of Scientific Communication & Publications (DSI&P)    
Food Science  Research Institute (FSRI)    
Horticultural Research Institut (HRI)    
Honeybee Research Institute (HBRI)   Balochistan Agricultural Research and Development Centre, Quetta
Institute of Plant & Environmental Protection (IPEP)      --   Coastal Research Institute, Lasbela
Land Resources Research Institute (LRRI)      --   Livestock Research Institute, Turbet
National Institute of Genomics & Advance Biotechnology (NIGAB)    
PARC Institute of Advanced Studies in Agriculture (PIASA)    
Rangeland Research Institute (RRI)    
    Arid Zone Research Centre, D.I. Khan, KPK  
    Arid Zone Research Institute, Umerkot, Sindh  
    Arid Zone Research Institute, Bhawalpur
    Mountain Agricultural Research Center, Gilgit
    PARC Institute of Research on High Value Agriculture", Shinkiari, Mansehra


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