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vertebrate Pest Management Program


  • Developed a new environment friendly bait station for rodent control in rural and urban situations.

  • Identified the vertebrate pest problems of Azad Jummu and Kashmir and Pothwar region.

  • Developed and evaluated 2% zinc phosphide 'rat-cake bait' for rodent control in irrigated and rainfed cropping systems.

  • Developed two-ingredient pyrotechnic fumigant for control of porcupine in forest plantations and rangelands.

  • Developed an anticoagulant bait formulation for the control of wild boar. This bait resulted in 80-95% control of wild boars.

  • Developed an under-ground baiting for rodent control in horticultural, fodder and cereal crops.

  • Successfully completed 05 research and development projects funded by national and international agencies.

  • Supervised one Ph. D. one M.Phil and 13 M.Sc. thesis works of the students of different universities.

  • Imparted training in VPM to the internees of different universities.


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