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Vegetable Crops Program



A. Non-Development.

1. Germplasm screening/ evaluation of priority vegetable crops for higher production.

2. Crop Management to boost up production and for the control of insect pests.

3. Parental lines development in selected crops.

4. Hybrid development in selected crops.

B. Development.

1. ALP: “Indigenous Hybrids Development in Vegetable” IHDV

a. Two high yielding F1 hybrids of each in determinate tomato, chili and bitter gourd will be developed/finalized by the end of the project.

b. Preliminary/secondary evaluation of developed hybrids of tomato, chilies and bitter gourd.

c. Characterization of hybrids and parental lines.

d. Seed multiplication/maintenance of parental/promising lines of determinate tomato, chilies and bitter gourd.

2. PSDP: “Indigenization of Hybrid Seed Production Technology for Enhanced Production of Crops, Veg Component” IHSPT

a. Evaluation of commercial vegetable hybrids to enrich the germplasm resources and identification of cytoplasmic male sterility if any through adaptability trials.

b. Inbred line development in different vegetable crops i.e; brinjal, bottle gourd, pumpkins, okra etc.

c. Maintenance of open pollinated strains/pure lines/inbreds for their usage in the hybrid development.

d. Multiplication of the parental material for hybrid and variety development.

e. Evaluation/genetic improvement in major and minor vegetable crops.

f. Promotion of varietal development and seed production.

g. Parent identification in the commercially available potential vegetable hybrids.



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