Tender Notice



Due Date

Re-Tender Notice No. F.1-26(4)2019-20/PSDP-Project-FSRI NARC, Islamabad intends to purchase consumable store, research/laboratory equipment, computer, printer & furniture items. 20-06-2020
PARC Tender Notice No.F.1-26/2019-2020/DOP(Thatta) for procurement of solar pumping from the reputed firms/Companies, Suppliers during the year 2019-20. 18-06-2020
PARC, Islamabnad Tender Notice (No. D. 1137/20-DW) for Construction of PC Green House and Photoperiod Chambers at PARC-National Sugar & Tropical Horticulture Research Institute (NSTHRI) Makli, Thatta (Sindh).  18-06-2020
PARC Tender Notice No. F.1-32/2015-PARC(LOG) for Purchase of Summer Uniform/Liveries i for Drivers and D.R Working at PARC Headquarters Islamabad. 17-06-2020
NARC Tender Notice (No.F.1-15(02)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/GSRP) for purchase of  consumable stores & desktop computers under PSDP-Project. 16-06-2020
NARC , Islamabad invites sealed bids for Repair and Maintenance of NRLPD Office at ASI” National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Park Road, Islamabad. 16-06-2020
Tender Notice No.F.1-14(2)/2019-20/ALP-Project(CS-551)/NIGAB, NARC, Islamabad intends to purchase following items under ALP-Project 10-06-2020
NSTHRI NIT for construction of Laboratory Buildings & Store Room at NSTHRI, Makli, Thatta 16-06-2020
PARC NIT for Provision of Janitorial Services at Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, HQs Building, Islamabad 11-06-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-34(197)/2019-2020 (Pulses) for Supply & Installation of Research Equipments 10-06-2020
NSTHRI NIT for Repair & Maintenance of Laboratory Building & Director’s Office at NSTHRI, Makli, Thatta 10-06-2020
NARC NIT for Construction of Accelerated / Spread Breeding Facility (Modern Glass House) at NARC 10-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-17(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (Wheat)/Re-Tender to purchase various items 09-06-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-33(195)/2019-2020(Sugarcane/TPT) for repair and maintenance of vehicles 09-06-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-34(196)/2019-2020 (Pulses) for Supply of Furniture & Fixture 08-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-29(02)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/LRRI to purchase various items 08-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-36(03)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/BCI to Purchase Consumable items 08-06-2020
NARC Tender No. No.F.1-21(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/CDRI to purchase various items 04-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-32(3)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/IPMP to purchase various items 04-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-46/2019-20/PSDP-Project (AN)/ASI to Purchase various items  03-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-25(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/IPMP to purcahse various items 03-06-2020
NARC Re-Tender No.F.1-23(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/Rice-Program (Re-Tender) to Purchase various items 02-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-22(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/CDRI to purchase variious items 02-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-33(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/IPMP to purchase various items 02-06-2020
AZRI, Umerkot NIT for Construction of Green House at PARC-AZRI, Umerkot (Sindh) 10-06-2020
PARC NIT for Internal Painting of 4th  Floor at PARC, HQs Islamabad 01-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-23(5)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (Rice Program) to purchase research consumable stores (72-Items) 01-06-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-15(3)/2019-20/PSDP-Project-GSRP/NIGAB to get repair & maintenance of research/ laboratory equipments 01-06-2020
PARC-SARC Tender No. F.33/ALP(CS-410)/FQSRI to Purchase Research Equipments and Consumables 28-05-2020
NARC: Tender No. 1-4(3)/2019-20/PSDP (NaSPIN)/NRLPD/ASI (Purchase) for purchase, repair & maintenance of following research/laboratory equipments under PSDP-Project 20-05-2020
NIT for Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of Lab Benches at Soil Physics LAB LRRI 19-05-2020
NIT for Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of Soil Physics LAB LRRI 19-05-2020
NIT for for Repair of Roof and Farm Machinery Shed at CSI, NARC 19-05-2020
NARC Tender No. 1-38/2019-20/PSDP-Project (Plant Physiology) to Purchase various items 19-05-2020
NARC Tender No. 1-45/2019-20/PSDP-Project (Fisheries Program)/ASI to Purchase various items 19-05-2020
NARC Tender No. 1-18(3)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (CDRI-Murree) to Purchase various items 18-05-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-35(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (CEWRI) for for purchase of Different items under PSDP–Project 15-05-2020
NARC: Tender Notice for for Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of LRRI LABs at NARC 12-05-2020
PATCO: Tender No. PATCO/04/20 for construction of display centre at PARC Hqs. 08-05-2020
PARC: Tender Notice No. 1-2(194)/2019-2020(Rice/TPT) for repairing/Engine overhaling, A.C. Instalation and denting painting 14-05-2020
PARC: Tender Notice No_1_31(193)/2019-2020(Pulses) for conversion of single cabin vehicle into double cabin with canopy under PSDP project 13-05-2020
NARC: Tender Notice No.F.1-20(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (CDRI) for purchase of Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge along-with Horizontal Electrophoresis Unit & Variable Volume Single Channel Pipette under PSDP-Project 12-05-2020
NARC: Re-Tender Notice No.F.1-12/2019-20/ALP-Project (AE-015)/AEI (Re-Tender) for purchase of furniture/fixture items under ALP-Project 11-05-2020
PARC: Notice Inviting Tenders for Civil Works 14-05-2020
PARC: Tender No_F1-30-/2019-2020-Umerkot  for procurement and installation of research and office equipment 12-05-2020
NARC: Tender No.F.1-32(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (IPMP) purchase & installation of Container Lab/Fabricated Research Facility under PSDP-Project 13-05-2020
PARC: Notice Inviting Tenders 14.05.2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-32/2019-20/PSDP-Project-IPMP for to purchase research equipment & machinery & computer & office equipment under PSDP-Project 08-05-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-17(4)/2019-20/PSDP-Project-Wheat for purchase Tractor Tyres Front & Rear 07-05-2020
PARC Tender: No. D. 1042 /20-DW for Construction of Glass Houses 07-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-23(4)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/Rice Program for purchase of Different items under PSDP 07-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-36(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project/BCI for purchase of Different items under PSDP 06-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-30/2019-20/PSDP-Project-LRRI to get repair & maintenance of “Atomic Absorption Spectrometer Model: AAS-800 Perkin Elmer” under PSDP 05-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-41/2019-20/ALP-Project (NR-043)/LRRI for purchase of Different items 06-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-42/2019-20/ACIAR-Project-Pulses Program for purchase of Different items 05-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-43/2019-20/PSDP-Project-Pulses Program for purchase of Different items 04-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-16(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project-Sugarcane/NIGAB for purchase items under PSDP 04-05-2020
Tender No.F.1-44/2019-20/ALP-Project-Herbarium/BCI for purchase of Different items 30-04-2020
Tender No.F.1-16(3)/2019-20/PSDP-Project-Sugarcane/NIGAB for repair & maintenance of following research/laboratory equipments 30-04-2020
Auction of: peach, pear, fig and persimmon fruits orchards 25-04-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-29(191)/219-2020(Pulses) for supply of Research equipment/machinery under PSDP 30-04-2020
PARC Re-Tender No. 1-19(181/190)/2019-2020(Cafeteria) for supply of furniture/chairs and repair of tables 29-04-2020
Corrigendum of :Mountain Agricultural Research Centre (MARC) Juglote,(PARC) Construction of Fish Hatchery, Sheds for Circular Tanks, Boundary Wall, Race Ways & Up-Gradation of Micro Hydel Power Plant. 08-04-2020
Corrigendum of : PARC Tender No. 1-26(188)/2019-20/DoP(Thatta) for procurement of Solar Pumping 05-05-2020
PARC Re-Tender No.1-16(177/189)2019-20 Wheat for supply of furniture and fixture 14-04-2020
NIT for Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of LRRI LABs at NARC 14-04-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-39/2019-20/PSDP-Project (LRRI) to Purchasse different items 10-04-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-33/2019-20/PSDP-Project (IPMP) to purchase various items 09-04-2020
Mountain Agricultural Research Centre (MARC) Juglote,(PARC) Construction of Fish Hatchery, Sheds for Circular Tanks, Boundary Wall, Race Ways & Up-Gradation of Micro Hydel Power Plant. 08-04-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-17(3)/2019-20/PSDP-Project-Wheat to purchase “Plastic Bags with Printed Monogram” 08-04-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-26(188)/2019-20/DoP(Thatta) for procurement of Solar Pumping 07-04-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-19(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project-AEI to Purchae various items 07-04-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-40/2019-20/MOU-Project-AH/ASI to purchase research consumable stores 06-04-2020
PARC Re-Tender No. 1-12(173/187)2019-20(MARC-Gilgit) for Procurement of Research Equipments 02-04-2020
NARC invites sealed bids from the contractors registered with Income Tax and Sales Tax Departments. 02-04-2020
NARC NIT for Construction of Insect Rearing Tunnel at Bio-Control Insectary Field at NARC 31-03-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-24(186)/2019-20 (Rice) for Supply & Installation of Office & Research Equipments 26-03-2020
PARC Tender No. 1-23(185)/2019-20(Rice) for Supply & Installation of heavy Duty Photocopy Machine 25-03-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-23(3)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (Rice) to purchase various research consumable stores 20-03-2020
PARC Tender No.F.1-19/2019-20/ALP for supply of furniture & fixture at PARC 19-03-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-26(4)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (FSRI) to purchase various items 19-03-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-36/2019-20/PSDP-Project (BCI) to purchase & installation of “Solar Electrification System 150KW 18-03-2020
NARC Tender No.F.1-37/2019-20/PSDP-Project-AEI for purchase of different items 10-03-2020
PARC Re-Tender No. 1-11(172/183)2019-20-DoP (Umerkot) 09-03-2020