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PARC Tender No.F.1-4/2014-PARC(LOG) for supply of stationery, Electric, Hardware, Sanitary and other general store items 02-08-2021
PARC Tender Notice (No. F. 1-52/2020-2021/ALP-Shinkiari) for supply and installation of De-Enzymer Machines (Qty:02) and 50 KW/KV Power Solar System (01 Set). 01-07-2021
PARC Tender Notice for External Painting of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council HQs. Building, Plot # 20, Ataturk Avenue, Sector G-5/1, Islamabad.  21-06-2021
PARC Tender (No. 1-15/(2014)/2020-2021 (ALP)) Notice for supply and installation of Research Equipment. 21-06-2021

NARC Tender Notice for “Conversion of Bioremediation Ponds into Fish Ponds at NARC”

NARC Tender Notice (No.F.1-31(2)/2020-21/PSDP-Project/Rice-Program) for purchase of consumable stores items. 02-06-2021
PARC Tender No. 1-50/2132020-2021(PSDP Pulses Project) 26-05-2021
NARC Tender No.F.1-10(3)/2020-21/PSDP-Project (Sino-Pak)/NIGAB to purchase research equipment & machinery 24-05-2021
NARC Tender No. 1-4(2)/2020-2021/PSDP-Project(Wheat-Program) to purchase & Installation of various items  21-05-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-9(2)/2020-21/PSDP-Project (CDRI-Murree)) Notice for purchase of different  items under PSDP Wheat Productivity Enhancement Project.  20-05-2021
NARC Tender No.F.1-15(2)/2020-21/PSDP-Project/NIGAB to purchase various items 19-05-2021
PARC Tender (No.F.1-49/2020-2021/Pulses) Notice for supply and Installation of Research Machinery / field Implements. 19-05-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-25/2020-21/PSDP-Project/AEI) Notice for purchase of different items under PSDP-Productivity Enhancement of Wheat Project  17-05-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-4(5)/2020-21/PSDP-Project/Wheat) Notice for purchase of  agriculture machinery under PSDP-Project. 11-05-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-10(2)/2020-21/PSDP-Project/NIGAB) Notice for purchase of consumable stores items under PSDP Project.  10-05-2021
SARC Tender for Establishment and Renovation of Guest House at PARC-SARC, Karachi 06-05-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-30/2020-21/PSDP-Project/FSRI) Notice for Purchase of different item under PSDP-Project. 28-04-2021

NARC Tender (No.F.1-26/2020-21/PSDP-Project/Pulses-Program) notice for purchase (Consumable Stores, Plastic Pots, LED Lights, Refrigerator, Hot Air Oven, Generator, Solar System & Stabilizer) under PSDP-Project.


NARC Tender (No.F.1-29/2020-21/PSDP-Project/LRRI) notice for Purchase of different item under PSDP-Project


NARC Tender (No.F.1-27/2020-21/ALP-Project (CS-016)/FSRI) Notice for purchase of different items

PARC Tender (No.F.1-47/2020-2021 (Thatta)) for Procurement and installation of Research equipment/Machinery. 22-04-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-28/2020-21/ALP-Project (CS-013)/IPMP) Notice for purchase  of research/laboratory equipments under ALP-Project 22-04-2021
NIT for Construction of An Intelligent Glass House For Speed Breeding of Pulses at NARC 20-04-2021
NARC Tender (No.F.1-31/2020-21/PSDP-Project/Rice-Program) Notice for purchase of computer & office equipments 21-04-2021


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