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PARC-SARC Tender No. F. 33/ALP-(CS-410)/FQSRI to Purchase various Research Equipments 12-12-2019
AZRC NIT for Construction Of Remaining Brick Masonry Boundary Wall around Office and Boundary Fence 11-12-2019
PARC Tender No. 1-2(162)/2019/DOP for Purcase of Tyres (Qty:12) for different PARC Vehicles 05-12-2019
PARC - Arid Zone Research Institute (AZRI), Umerkot (Sindh) Tender Notice regarding  "Construction Works at Azri, Umerkot 03-12-2019
PARC Tender No. 1-(161) / 2019 (AZRI Umerkot) for Procurement & Installation of Research and Office equipment 28-11-2019
NARC Tender No. 1-4(2)/2019-20/PSDP-Project (NaSPIN)NRLPD/ASI for Research Chemicals/ Consumable Stores 14-11-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-9/2019-20/ALP-Project (NR-047)/HBRI to purchase various items 13-11-2019
NARC Tender No. F.1-10/2019-20/ALP-Project (CS-379)/NIGAB to Purchase Research Consumable Store items 12-11-2019
NARC Tender No. F.1-7/2019-20/ALP-Project (AS-071)/ARFP/ASI to Purchase of Research/ Laboratory Equipments 11-11-2019
NARC Tender No. 1-13/2019-20/ALP-Project (CS-549)/NIGAB to Purchase various Research Consumable Stores items 05-11-2019
AZRC NIT for Lining of Water Courses 30-10-2019
AZRC Tender No. PARC Re-Tender No. 33/2019(AZRC) for Procurement & Installation of Research equipment and etc. 29-10-2019
NARC Tender No. F.1-3/2019-20/MOU-Project-BCI for Purchasing of various items 22-10-2019
NARC Tender No. F.1-8/2019-20/MOU-Project-BCI for Purchasing of various items 21-10-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-6/2019-20/ALP-Project (Dev. of Monoclonal Antibodies)/ASI to Purchase Consumable Stores, Research/Laboratory Equipments & Printer 09-10-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-5/2019-20/ALP-Project-LRRI for Purchase various Consumable Stores & Laptop 03-10-2019
AZRC NIT for Construction of Screen House/ Plastic Tunnel, Storage/Implement and Vehicle Parking Shed 03-10-2019
AZRC NIT for Construction Of Boundary Wall and Boundary Fence 02-10-2019
PARC Tender No.F.1-2/2019-20/PARB-Project No. 1002/NIGAB to Purchase various Research Consumable Stores 16-09-2019
NIT for Fixing of Fence for Botanical Conservatory at National Herbarium, NARC 12-09-2019
PARC Tender for Purchase of Stationery, electric, hardware, sanatory & other general store items 22-08-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-26/2018-19/ALP-Project-AEI to Purchase Consumable Store Items 15-07-2019
NARC Tender F. 88-011/Coord(FC) for Auction of Fruit Crops at HRI, NARC 10-07-2019
PARC Tender F.1-32/2015-PARC(LOG) for Purchase of Summer Uniform/ Liveries items 27-06-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-2(2)/2018-19/ALP-Project-NIGAB to Purchase various Research / Laboratory Equipments 20-06-2019
PARC Tender No. 1-19(160)/2019-PARC(Gilgit) for Procurement of Angle Irons and Barbed wire at MARC Gilgit 17-06-2019
NARC Tender F.1-29/(2018-2019) A&GS Canteen 17-06-2019
PARC Tender Notice for Repair/Up-gradation of Canteen at 4th Floor in the Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR). 11-06-2019
NARC Tender F.1-28/2018-19/PSDP-Project-Oilseed Research Program to Purchase Consumable Stores & Printer 10-06-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-27/2018-19/ALP-Project-Herbarium/BCI to Purchase Research Equipment & Machinery 10-06-2019
NARC Re-Tender No.F.1-21/2018-19/ALP-Project-NIGAB(Re-Tender) to Purchase Research Consumble Store items 03-06-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-24/2018-19/MOU-Project-AH/ASI to Purchase Consumable Stores & Research/ Laboratory Equipments 03-06-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-25/2018-19/ALP-Project-AH/ASI to Purchase Consumable Stores Items 03-06-2019
PARC Tender Notice for Providing & Fabrication of File Cabinets/Wood Work 31-05-2019
NARC Tender Notice for purchase consumable stores under PDSP-Project 30-05-2019
SARC (FQSRI) Tender No. F08-01/CS421/ALP-SARC(FQSRI) for Purchase various Capital Items 23-05-2019
AZRC,D.I.Khan Tender Notice for Construction Of Boundary Wall and Boundary Fence around Office and Farm Area of (AZRC) D.I.Khan. 23-05-2019
NARC Tender Notice for Renovation of Executive Committee Room’s Wash Room & Hostel Rooms  20-05-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-20/2018-19/ALP-Project-PGRP to Purchase Research Equipment & Machinery items 16-05-2019
NARC Tender N. 1-21/2018-19/ALP-Project-NIGAB for Purchase various Research Consumable items 06-05-2019
NIT for Repair / Maintenance & Renovation of Animal Nutrition Laboratory at ASI 06-05-2019
AZRC, D.I.Khan Tender Notice for supply and installation of Office Equipments 03-05-2019
PARC Tender No. 1-58(159)/2018-19(Oilseeds) for Procurement of Threshers, Seed-cum-Fertilizers Drills & Spray Pumps 02-05-2019

AZRC, D.I.Khan Tender Notice for  Drilling & Installation of  Tube-well including Construction of Pump Room at Adoptive cum Demonstration Institute Miran Shah (NW).

AZRC, D.I.Khan Tender Notice for Lining of Water Courses at AZRC Farm D.I.Khan 02-05-2019

PARC Tender Notice for Conduct of Audit of PARC Main Accounts through Chartered Accountants Firms from

2008-09 to 2012-13

PARC Re-Tender No. 1-13(155/158)2019-PARC(Shinkiari) for Supply & Installation of Research Equipments at Shinkiari 24-04-2019
NIT for Providing & Fabrication of File Cabinets / Wood Work in Room No. 106 at PARC HQs 23-04-2019
NIT for Repair / Maintenance and Renovation of National Herbarium Building at NARC 22-04-2019
NIT for Construction Of Storage/ Implement Vehicle Parking Sheds at Arid Zone Research Centre (AZRC) D.I.Khan 22-04-2019
AZRI, Umerkot Tender for Procurment of Tractor alognwith Accessories  18-04-2019
NIT for Providing, Installing, Testing & Commissioning of Submersible Pump and Motor in tube well at WANA 18-04-2019
NARC Tender No.F.1-19/2018-19/ALP-Project (AEI) to Purchase Agriculture Machinery 03-04-2019
NARC Tender Notice for Purchase of  Research/Laboratory Equipments & Computer under ALP-Project 02-04-2019
NARC Tender Notice for Purchase of Research Consumable Stores & Computer & Office Equipments under ALP-Project 01-04-2019
NARC NIT for Repair / Maintenance & Renovation of Poultry Shed of LRS, NARC 28-03-2019
NARC Tender No. F.1-16/2018-19/ALP-Project (AEI) to Purchase various items 21-03-2019
NARC Tender Notice for repair “Centrifuge Table Top (Refrigerated) Model: 5415-R” under PSDP-Project 20-03-2019
AZRI NIT for Construction of Office & Laboratory Block at AZRI, Umerkot (Sindh) 20-03-2019
NARC Tender No. No.F.1-5(2)/2018-19/ALP-Project (Methane Production)/LRRI 12-03-2019
NARC Tender No. No.F.1-8(2)/2018-19/ALP-Project (Yield Enhancement of Wheat)/NIGAB 11-03-2019
NSTHRI Tender to Purchase Consumable / Chemicals for Tissue Culture Laboratory 05-03-2019
PARC Tender No. 1-13(155)/2019-PARC(Shinkiari) for Procurement of Research Equipments 26-02-2019
SARC Karachi Tender Notice for Purchase of consumable store items. 26-02-2019
NARC Tender Notive for purchase of Research Consumable Stores, Research Equipment & Machinery & Hiring of Services Regarding “Bacterial Sequencing/Whole Genomics Sequence & Metagenomics 20-02-2019




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