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Tender Notice



Due Date

NARC Tender Notice for  purchase of research/laboratory equipment & machinery items under PSDP-Project

Tender Notice for Street Lights at PARC Town, Rawat, Rawalpindi 27-11-2018

NARC Tender Notive for purchase of research/laboratory equipments under ALP-Project

NARC Tender Notice for purchase of research consumable stores under PSDP-Project 13-11-2018
NIT for Repair and Renovation of Building & Labs at Aquaculture and Fisheries Program, NARC 08-11-2018
NIT for Shallow Well / Bore at Women Hostel, NARC 08-11-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-12/2018-19/MOU-Project (Collection of Crop)/BCI 07-11-2018
NARC Re-Tender for various Consumable Store Items 06-11-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-13/2018-19/ALP-Project (Utilization of Beneficial)/LRRI 06-11-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-14/2018-19/ALP-Project (Dev. & Evaluation)/AEI 05-11-2018
PARC Tender No. 1-6(148)/2018-19(Oilseed) for Branded Desktop Computer, Laptop, Scanners and etc 30-10-2018
BARDC Tender for Purchase of various Consumable Store Items 25-10-2018
NIT for Renovation of Olive Nurseries Tunnels at NARC 25-10-2018
NARC Tender No.F.1-9(2)/2018-19/PARB-Project No. 1002/NIGAB 22-10-2018
NARC Tender Notice for purchase of research consumable stores & research equipment & machinery items under ALP-Project, 17-10-2017
NIT for Shallow Well / Bore  at  Hostels, NARC 10-10-2018
NIT for Repair / Maintenance & Renovation of Poultry Shed at LRS 08-10-2018
NIT MARC-Gilgit for Construction of Two Laboratory Rooms 26-09-2018
NIT for Repair / Maintenance & Renovation of Soil Environment and Chemistry Program Laboratorry at LRRI, NARC 20-09-2018
PARC-NTHRI Tender for Providing & Fixing Woven Mesh Fencing 18-09-2018
PARC Tender No. 1-4(146)/2018-19 to Procure Furniture's & Fixture 17-09-2018
NARC Tender F.1-10/2018-19/MoU Project-CEWRI to Purchase various items 17-09-2018
NIT D.I.Khan for Construction of Office / Hostel Building and Residences 17-09-2018
Tender No.F.1-9/2018-19/PARB-Project No. 1002/NIGAB to Purchase Research Consumable stores & Machinery Items 10-09-2018
Tender No.F.1-7/2018-19/ALP-Project (Genetic Improvement)/Poultry & Wildlife/ASI to Purchase Consumable Store Items 07-09-2018
Tender No.F.1-8/2018-19/ALP-Project (Yield Enhancement of Wheat)/NIGAB to Purchase Consumable Store Items 06-09-2018
PARC Tender Notice for Procurement and installation of Multimedia projector with Motorized Projector screen 03-09-2018




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