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PARC-NSTHRI NIT No. D.1560 /21-DW  for Construction of Net Houses, Implement Shed, Water Reservoir Tank and Security Guard Rooms at PARC-NSTHRI Makli, Thatta (Sindh) 25-03-2021
NARC Tender No.F.1-23/2020-21/PSDP-Project (CEWRI) to purchase various items under PSDP-Project 10-03-2021
NARC Tender No.F.1-5(2)/2020-21/PSDP-Project (Plant Physiology Program)  to purchase various items under PSDP-Project Titled, “Productivity Enhancement of Wheat” 09-03-2021
NARC invites a saled bid for "Construction of Screen House at Insectery at  NARC” 09-03-2021
NARC Tender No.F.1-22/2020-21/PSDP-Project (AEI) to purchase various items under PSDP-Project, “Productivity Enhancement of Rice” 08-03-2021
PARC Tender No. 1-44-(207)/FY-2020-2021(Umerkot) for Porcurement of Research & Lab. Equipments 03-03-2021
PARC Tender No. 1-45-(208)/FY-2020-2021(Pulses) for Porcurement of Digital Cameras (Qty:13) 02-03-2021

NARC Tener (No.F.1-1/2020-21/PSDP-Project-ERP (Re-Tender)) for purchase & installation of different items under PSDP-Project.

NARC Tender (No.F.1-20/2020-21/PSDP-Project-CEWR) for purchase & installation of different items. 26-02-2021
NARC Tender Notice for No.F.1-21/2020-21/PSDP-Project (CDRI) to purchase various items under PSDP-Productivity Enhancement of Wheat Project 22-02-2021
PARC NIT for “Operation & Routine Maintenance of H.V.A.C. Plant installed at PARC HQs Building, Islamabad 11-02-2021
PARC Tender to Repair & Maintenance of Tissue Culture Laboratory at Chillas, G.B.  09-02-2021
NARC Tender No.F.1-16/2020-21/PSDP-Project/IPMP to purchase & installation of two laboratory containers/fabricated research facility under PSDP-Project 01-02-2021
PARC Tender No.F.1-39/2020-2021/DOP(Pulses) Procurement and Installation of Agricultural Machinery & Research Equipment. 28-01-2021
NARC Tender Notice(No.F.1-19/2020-21/PSDP-Project/CDRI) purchase different  items under PSDP-Productivity Enhancement of Sugarcane Project. 21-01-2021
NARC Tender Notice (No.F.1-17/2020-21/PSDP-Project/IPMP)  to purchase different items under PSDP-Project. 20-01-2021

NARC Tender Notice for “Repair, Maintenance and Renovation of IPMP No. 216 at NARC, National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Park Road, Islamabad”.


NARC Tender Notice (No.F.1-18/2020-21/ALP-Project (AS-074)/AH/ASI) for purchase & installation of “Real Time PCR System along-with Accessories”under ALP-Project.

NARC Tender (No.F.1-1(3)/2020-21/PSDP-Project-ERP) get repair & maintenance of “Power Back-Up along-with Replacement of Batteries” under PSDP-Project. 18-01-2021
PARC Re-Tender No.1-12(173/187/205)2020-21(MARC-Gilgit) for Procurement of Research Equipment 05-01-2021
NARC Tender # No.F.1-15/2020-21/PSDP-Project-NIGAB to purchase various items under PSDP Project 31-12-2020


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