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So far as, the SSI has published more than sixty research and development reports. The major study areas were pertaining to Farming System Research (FSR), diagnostic studies, economics of alternative technologies, commodity studies, technology verification/adoption, baseline/benchmark studies and role of gender in agriculture. The brief of major study areas is as follow:



Diagnostic Studies

The main purpose of diagnostic studies is to provide information about problems and constraints to production of crops, livestock and horticultural enterprises through farm level surveys by a multidisciplinary team. These studies are helpful in delineating recommendation domains and prioritizing research activities. In this category more than 11 studies have been conducted so for.


Benchmark Studies/Surveys

Benchmark surveys are carried out to provide basic information in the areas on all necessary aspects prior to launching a new project in the area; also termed as pre-ant analysis. These studies help planning, designing and implementation of projects. It also helps to estimate the benefits/achievements of a project by comparing before and after situation of a project. About 5 studies were conducted in this area.



Production Constraints

These studies are conducted to identify constraints and problems to specific crops and livestock activities to help in designing on-station and on-farm experiments. Keeping in view the problems and constraints hindering towards production of specific crops, livestock and horticultural enterprises. In this area about 12 studies were carried out.


Economics of Alternative Technologies

If more than one technologies are available for a specific agricultural operation then the best one is chosen on the basis of benefit to cost ratio, keeping in view all the aspects of the technologies. In this area, about 7 studies were conducted.


Cost of Production of Food and Cash Crops

These studies are initiated when more than one crops are raised on a farm under specific farming system. For this purpose, all costs incurred for raising alternative crops and benefits accrued to crop and livestock production were assessed to arrive at comparative analysis. An agricultural enterprise is recommended on the basis of higher benefits/gains achieved. Under this scenario about 7 studies were conducted.


Adoption and Diffusion of Technologies

Various technologies have been developed in a research system to improve productivity and the quality. To assess the performance and level of technology adoption at farms, technology diffusion studies were conducted. Factors affecting the adoption of specific technologies identified and reasons for no-adoption of technologies studied. The information is generated for researchers, extensionists, planners and policy makers to refine the technologies, if necessary for their rapid adoption. For this purpose, about 9 studies were conducted.


Impact studies

Impact studies were conducted to estimate the economic, social and technological impact of various agricultural technologies on the farming community as well as to the farming system of that specific region. Up to now SSI has conduct about 7 impact studies.

Marketing /Value Chain studies
Value chain and supply chain are vertically integrated, strategic alliances between a series of independent businesses that have come together as a group to more efficiently capitalize on specific market opportunities. The goal of a supply/value chain is to optimize performance using the combined expertise and abilities of the stake holders of the chain





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