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National Institute of Bioremediation


  • Provide bioremediation facilities at national level to reclaim used water & soils.
  • Analytical services of waste water testing.
  • Water Quality Lab at NIB, NARC currently provides analytical facilities for following chemical/microbial parameters i.e. Turbidity, Hardness, Ca-Hardness, Mg-Hardness, pH, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Salts, Salinity, Chlorides, Free Carbon Dioxide, Carbonates, Bicarbonates, Nitrates, Sulphates, Phosphates, Dissolved Oxygen, Oil/Grease and microbial contaminates (Fecal Coliform and Total Coliform) in the waste water. Instruments for the COD/BOD determination have been procured through RADP; both analyses will be included in the routine waste water parameters after optimization of their respective methods and purchase of consumables.
  • Introduce Integrated Farming techniques by using the reclaimed water.
  1. Provision of Training facilities for kitchen gardening, ornamental flowers, plant production, composting techniques of water lettuce and Nursery management.
  2. Provision of seasonal, ornamental, fruit plants, vegetables and other nursery plants.
  • Provision of aquatic plants throughout the country for bio-remediation purposes.
  • Awareness raising in the field of used water treatment through bioremediation.
  • Capacity building in bio-remediation of waste water to the concerned/stakeholders.
  • Pesticide residue analysis in soil, water, crops and other biotic matrices to evaluate impact on non-target organisms.

PATCO Bio Remediation Service Unit
Under the authority of PARC (Pakistan Agricultural Research Council) “NIB” National Institute of Bio Remediation was established in “2008” to establish Bio-Remediation Facility and Carry on further Use to Review Viability of Technology. After ensuring Quality in 4 Years, PARC Management established Bio Remediation Service Unit (BSU) under the Control of PATCO (Pvt) limited in 2012.

The Purpose is to provide;

  • Consultancy

  • Partnership Awareness

  • Joint Project

  • Quality Assurance

  • Standardization & Certification

The Introduction of ISFS (Integrated Sanitation & Farming system) technology by PARC in its research center went through various research and development testing process internally and externally for assisting its technical and economical sustainability. To enhance the use of micro-organisms to remove pollutants NIB’s (National Institute of Bio Remediation) Objective is to;

  • Reclaim waste water in cost effective way which is viable for Pakistani socio-Economic and natural Environment Condition

  • People/Communities facing the problem of waste water, BSU Provide services which includes Services at;

  1. House Holds,
  2. Villages
  3. Municipalities
  4. Housing Schemes
  5. Focus Industries
  • Provide information to its Valued Clients through Bio-Remediation Service Forum, which encourages;

  1. Professional

  2. Development Agencies

  3. Other Relevant Organizations to join and participate in waste-water Management

Prosperous Economy and safe environment by effective placement of used Organic Resources

Proficient Facilitation to develop and operate and sustainable Bio-Remediation endeavor as business and development venture


Safety: team members, people near projects areas, natural environment...

Courage: to face difficulties as team...

Integrity: personal integrity, accountability, adherence to ethical standards...

Customer Focus: focusing on meeting exceeding customer expectations...

One Team: accomplishing more together...

Excellence: committed to excellence through the systematic management...

Innovation: developing new ways in resource reclamation...

Respect: people are the foundation of success, it includes the team and the clients they always be treated with respect and dignity..

Governance & Management
The Bio-remediation Services Unit is governed through Chairman PARC DG NARC, CEO PATCO and the Board. Most of the management business is done by Manager bio-remediation services with the coordination of CEO PATCO PATCO BSU

Bio-remediation Process
Reclaiming Wastewater for Irrigation

The biological process of reclaiming wastewater is cost effective andenvironmentally viable for Pakistani socio-economic and naturalenvironmental conditions.

The process includes treatment with microbe accelerator, aquaticplants, constructed wetlands, combination of retention, detentionand other natural processes to reclaim water for irrigation.

The people/communities facing the problems of wastewater canavail the services of PATCO Bio-remediation Services Unit. Itincludes services at household, village, municipalities, housingsachems, food industries, etc.
For more information: PATCO Secretariat, NARC, Islamabad. Ph 051-9255052

Bio-remediation Services Beneficiaries
PATCO Bio-remediation Services Forum is for providing information to its valued clients for feedback and promotion of its clientagecircles. The forum encourages professional, development agenciesand other relevant organization to join and be part of naturalsolution to manage wastewater for irrigation.
For more information: PATCO Secretariat, NARC, Islamabad. Ph 051-9255052

BSU offers consultancy services for initial observation for the viability of the application of ISFS/Bio-remediation, prefeasibility, feasibility, and monitoring.

BSU promotes partnerships to work for a noble cause with organizations and individuals having relevant expertise. The partners with different capacities, experience and knowledge can contribute effectively for improving wisemanagementand use of organic resources.

The technology awareness with respect to itsimportanceand precautions is part of the BSU work. The information is available from web,PATCO office and PATCO Bio-remediation Services Garden, NARC. BSU also encourages launching awareness campaigns with its corporate, development and public partners in their respective community development areas.

Joint Project
The unit also aims to initiate joint projects withpartnerorganizations to serve communities to ensure water reclamation for irrigation and keep them safe from water related diseases.

Quality Assurance
BSU ensures quality in all dealings to serve at the best. The team consults relevant expertise and laboratories to make certain that every activity is under National Environment Quality Standards “NEQS”.

Standardization & Certification
BSU works for assessing and determining mechanisms and operating standards to initiate bio-remediation activities in private, public, corporate and development sector.

PARC Toll Free
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