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Rice Research Programme



  • Accelerate the pace of rice improvement through coordination, training and information dissemination.

  • Varietal improvement for better agronomic and quality traits having insects/diseases resistance.

  • Development of indigenous rice hybrids.

  • Enhance productivity through better crop stand and management.

  • Economical and sustainable nutrient management.

  • Development and adoption of integrated pest management technology for higher crop yield and cleaner environment.

  • Improve quality of paddy through better harvest and post-harvest operations.

On-going activities

a) Coordination

  • Maintaining genetic diversity through acquisition and distribution of relevant germplasm.

  • National Uniform Yield Trials (varieties and hybrids)

  • Annual rice review and planning meeting.

b) Research

  1. Development of rice hybrids for different rice growing ecologies of Pakistan.

  2. Evaluation of rice lines for abiotic stresses (drought and salinity).

  3. Integrated Potash nutrient management on rice.

  4. Efficacy of rock phosphate application with FYM and EM technology.

  5. Evaluation of advanced lines of rice through physiological assessment and techniques.

  6. Screening and evaluation of rice germplasm for resistance against stem borer (SB), leaffolder (LF) and Whitebacked Planthopper (WBPH).

  7. Investigation the inter-relationship of leaf folder (LF) and bacterial leaf blight (BLB) damaging rice.

  8. Up-scaling of water saving technologies (dry direct seeding and alternate wetting and drying).

On-going research projects of rice



Estimated cost

Funded by


Development of rice hybrids for different rice growing ecologies of Pakistan

Rs. 43.302 million



Indigenization of hybrid seed production technology for enhanced productions of crops - Component III Rice

Rs. 37.757 million




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