Directorate of Training


The fortunes are determined by the education and skill levels of the nations.  The expansions of human capital of the society raise both the knowledge and socio economic pattern. To built high quality human capital and continuously promote professionals competence and organizational commitments, PARC provide ample opportunities of national & international trainings and participation in conferences, seminars and thematic workshops to the scientists at federal and at NARS level.

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) established under PARC ordinance 1981, is the apex Agricultural Research body in Pakistan.  Its mandate is to undertake aid, promote and coordinate agricultural research, arrange expeditious utilization of research results and development of high level scientific manpower.

During early 1980, PARC with support of USAID and World Bank established a state of the art infrastructure for research in crop sciences, animal sciences, natural resources and social sciences, for science based agricultural development. It also undertook major courses of training program for human resources development culminating in a team of highly qualified scientists from renowned Universities of the World.

PARC and National Agricultural Research System has an increasingly challenging  national Research agenda for addressing issues relating to high growth  trajectory of agricultural macro-economy, food security, poverty reduction, and competitiveness in the face of  ever increasing population. The task at hand is complex and an enormous but doable if the national agricultural research system is adequately strengthened.

PARC provide the opportunities to the national scientists to trained the scientist community in the home and foreign countries and facilitate them for the long term & short term non-degree programs and foreign visits to the different countries to achieve their professional competence in different areas. PARC also trained the young graduates from different national universities in different sub sectors of agriculture research for a period of one year under the national internship program (NIP). Trainings in the local universities and centers of high learning are equally important. There are many institutions which are equipped with trained and experience staff & equipments and are providing quality trainings and education to the young agricultural scientists at national level. Similarly the scientists are trained from overseas/ foreign universities; training opportunities offered by the friendly countries on bilateral agreements and international donors agencies under their technical assistance program. 


  • PARC is continuously perusing to train and strengthening the manpower at Federal and Provincial level. A separate directorate of Training has been established at the Headquarters with the following functions and responsibilities:-
  • Preparation of training programs for training (short-term & long-term) within the country and abroad of employees of the Council.
  • Processing of all cases for award of fellowship sponsored by friendly countries under        bilateral agreements and other world agencies.
  • Organization of training in Pakistan of fresh scientists, engineers and staff etc. for basic and/or orientation courses and imparting practical training in selected areas.
  • Evolve & implement a mechanism to monitor progress of scientists, engineers etc. on   training in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Initialization of proposals for suitable placement of the officers on completion/return from training abroad.
  • To identify training rules and preparation of annual training program, training brochure and budget
  • Preparation of computerized record/ data base of inland & foreign training and visits of employees and administrative arrangements for employees proceeding on training.

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