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Directorate of National Coordination

To develop an efficient and effective coordination with other agriculture research institutes and agencies involved in agriculture research and development at federal and provincial level the National Coordination play a pivotal role under following functions:

  •  Identify gaps in priority issues for National Agricultural Research System (NARS) research agenda and suggest PARC and provincial agricultural research institutes to take necessary actions.
  • Facilitate effective coordination within and between the federal and provincial systems as well as between the federal/provincial agricultural research establishments.
  • Help identify and minimize duplication/overlap of research activities in the NARS and ensure greater complementarily and synergy.
  • Maintain inventory of all Provincial and Federal Research Institutes connected with agriculture, their facilities in terms of equipment and trained manpower, objectives, budget levels and chains of command.

To underline the defined objectives, the Directorate of National Coordination is striving to establish strong linkages with other organizations at national level involved directly or indirectly in research activities or in the process of support to sustainable development in agriculture through its established for a and ink MoUs to prioritize areas for future research in the context of emerging domestic and global challenges. To strengthen the collaboration with national agencies for promoting global knowledge and new innovative interventions in the field of agriculture, following efforts have been made:

A:        Establishment of Fora at PARC:


◦      Vice Chancellor Forum

◦      Inter-Provincial Agricultural Research Coordination Committee (IPARCC)

◦      Inter Ministerial Coordination Committee (IMCC)

In process

◦      Federation of Farmer’s Association

◦      Women in Agriculture Forum

B:        Signing of MoUs at National Level

Around 40   MoUs have been signed with different Government, Public and Private sector Organizations/Departments/Universities to undertake joint research activities.



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