Directorate of International Cooperation


The National Agricultural Research Systems (NARS) and UN/CGIAR/US based agricultural research agencies generate and disseminate knowledge, technologies, and policies for agricultural development through their research programs. Similarly, various organizations also provide reliable and predictable multi-year funding to enable research planning over the long term, resource allocation based on agreed priorities, and the timely and predictable disbursement of funds. Therefore, global collaboration in agricultural research with numerous partner organizations, including national and regional research institutes is highly desired to reduce rural poverty, increasing food security, improving human health and nutrition, and ensuring more sustainable management of natural resources. Moreover, developments in agricultural and environmental science and progress in government policies open new avenues for producing more food and for making entrenched hunger and poverty history. Hence, technological, financial and environmental changes reverberating around the globe mean that there are many opportunities to rejuvenate the shaky global food system.

Directorate of International Cooperation coordinates between PARC and national agricultural research systems of many countries (bilateral links), and UN/CGIAR/US based agricultural research agencies (international development partners).


  • Coordination with NARS of other countries (bilateral links) and UN/CGIAR/US based agricultural research agencies for research and development activities.
  • Identification of the areas of cooperation between PARC and NARS of other countries and UN/CGIAR/US based agricultural research agencies.
  • Interact with technical divisions of PARC, provincial and federal departments/institutes for preparation of briefs and talking points for the foreign visits of the higher officials.
  • Participate and also assist PARC’s officials to participate in the meetings in various ministries/divisions/departments related to international cooperation.
  • Monitoring/evaluation and follow up of agreements/MOU projects.