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Plant Genetic Resources Program


  • Evaluation of indigenous chickpea and wheat germplasm for traits of economic importance for farmers.

  • Categorizing PGR for viable storability via effect of artificial ageing on seed germination.

  • Rejuvenation and characterization of radish (Raphanus sat ivus) germplasm for morphological traits.

  • Rejuvenation and characterization of chilies (Capsicum annum) germplasm for morphological traits.

  • Evaluation of pea germplasm for biochemical and molecular markers.

  • Screening of pea germplasm against powdery mildew and investigation on genetic basis of er gene on the basis of pathogen and molecular characterization.

  • Enhancement of tomato germplasm and identification of superior genotypes.

  • Regeneration of chickpea, grasspea, lentil and rice collections.

  • Multiplication of crop germplasm: legumes, tomato, brassica, rice, maize, barley, sorghum and wheat.

  • Evaluation and characterization of rice germplasm on the basis of agro-morphological traits.

  • Evaluation and characterization of brassica oilseeds germplasm based on agro-morphological characters.

  • Intra and inter-specific variation of oilseed brassicas using biochemical & molecular markers.

  • Evaluation of indigenous Sesame genetic resources for morphological and seed quality traits.

  • Evaluation of safflower germplasm for morphological diversity and seed quality traits.

  • Evaluation and characterization of maize, barley, wheat, sorghum, castor bean, coriander germplasm.

  • Ginger germplasm collection, conservation, evaluation and development of production technology.

  • Grape germplasm collection, conservation, establishment of clonal repository and in vitro culture establishment.

  • In-vitro conservation of fruit germplasm.

  • Documentation and dissemination of plant genetic resources information.

  • Implementation of National Information Sharing Mechanism (NISM) on Plant Genetic Resources for Food & Agriculture (PGRFA).


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