National Insect Museum Integrated Program


  • The museum has separate double story building, where a lot of space is available for the permanent housing of insects in wooden cabinets. The museum has more than 1.2 millions identified insect specimens of different orders which serve as a data base for reference identification.

  • The museum is holding all necessary equipments for the collection and stretching of insects. One laboratory is specified for this work.

  • Two laboratories are allocated for taxonomic work. These laboratories are equipped with stereoscope, microscope and digital photography system.

  • There is one rearing room equipped with different size of rearing cages.

  • A big display hall where insects of different groups are displayed in artistic way for students and general public interest.

  • The museum has a big well punished hall equipped with multimedia for presentation, seminar and training.

  • The museum had developed its own library where books, journals and reports on different aspects of insect have been maintained.