National Insect Museum Integrated Program


  • Developed and maintain 1.3 millions insect specimens collection.

  • Enriched museum with specimens of more than 950 insect species while exploring insect fauna of Pakistan since 2005. Out of these 150 new insects were added as new record for Pakistan and 2 insect species as new to science.

  • Extensively explored butterfly and to some extent moth fauna of Pakistan. Up till now the total record of butterflies species collected from Pakistan exceed 400. Similarly 38 species of Hawk moths were also recorded.

  • Both predatory and phytophagous ladybird beetle fauna of Pakistan was thoroughly explored and recorded more than 90 species from Pakistan in which 30 are recorded for the first time from Pakistan.

  • About 100 species of Odonata (Dragon and Damsel flies) were recorded and preserved.

  • Tortoise beetle of sub-family Cassidinae (Chrysomelidae; Coleoptera) were studied which revealed 12 species along with their host plants. Notoscantha pakistanica is a new species for science.

  • 67 species of Dung beetles under family Scarabaeidae were added to national collection.

  • Taxonomic studies over tiger beetles (Cicindellidae) of Pakistan were carried out reporting 55 species including three (3) new to country records.

  • Studies on Mantispidae (Neuroptera) fauna of Pakistan were carried out reporting three new records for the country.

  • 19 species of pollinators under sixteen genera were recorded along with four new records of bees for Pakistan