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National Institute for Genomics and Advanced Biotechnology


Following facilities are available in our Research Program

  1. DNA isolation, purification and quantification

  2. DNA analysis, electrophoresis and Gel-documentation

  3. PCR and RT-PCR

  4. DNA sequencing

  5. Qualitative and quantitative enzyme linked-immunosorbant analysis (ELISA)

  6. GMOs detection

  7. Transformation protocols optimized via Agrobacterium tumefaciens and gene-gun.

  8. Protein analysis and 2-D SDS-PAGE

  9. Tissue culture facility

  10. Controlled-temperature/light/humidity Incubators for plant growth

  11. Aromatic and no-aromatic rice detection facility


PBP is equipped with sufficient space of well-established transgenic containment and greenhouse for experimentation under controlled-conditions, especially plant establishment during acclimatization process of tissue culturing, large scale screening of germplasm in hydroponic, etc.


Two green houses are allocated exclusively for potato nucleus seed production activities.


Library Links

HEC Digital library



Plant Biotechnology Program has a setup of a small library that holds unique collection of books and manuals related to molecular biology, molecular genetics, recombinant DNA research, bio-chemistry, microbiology, protein engineering, plant biotechnology, bioinformatics, etc. The PBP library currently has an excellent collection of recent editions of important scientific texts on various aspects of molecular biology and biotechnology some of which are not available anywhere else in the country.


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