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Dr. N. E. Borlaug Visit to CDRI, Murree

Dr. N. E. Borlag visit to CDRI Marree Station in 1960 and year 2000


In March 1960 Dr. Norman Borlaug visited newly established Cereal Diseases Research Station and said,”Today has been a very interesting day. The new Murree Cereal Diseases Research Station is something Pakistan can be extremely proud of. From it will come many valuable results, which will help to solve the cereal problems of Pakistan? I congratulate all of you.” 


PARC played a pivotal role through National wheat coordination system in varietal release and rust disease management which was recognized by Dr. Borlaug’s visit after 40 years on March 19, 2000. Dr. Borlaug during his visit to the rust research lab Murree said that “forty years later I am pleased to see that the Murree Rust (Disease) Research Station continues to contribute to improving Pakistan Agriculture. You all played a vital role in bring the so-called Green Revolution to the world in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Currently you - the current staff of the Murree Diseases Research Station are expanding the important work which is essential to keep food production moving forward. Keep up the good work and the excellent spirit of research, which is essential. Best Wishes”.


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