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PARC Arid Zone Research Centre, D.I. Khan


To enhance the sustainable productivity of agriculture in arid and semi-arid areas while protecting the natural resource-base i.e. land & water resources, range land and precious vast natural biodiversity present in the area.


  • Management of Natural Resources to uplift the livelihood of arid farmers
  • Identification of problems of the arid areas and under-taking research for their solution
  • Development of management strategies for climate change impacts, declining biological resources, desertification and fragile watersheds.
  • Harnessing Alternate energy resources for decentralized energy systems in rural areas.
  • Screening of germplasm of cereals, pulses, range grasses and arid horticultural crops best suited to the area.
  • Development of improved production technologies and cropping systems for dry land Agriculture
  • Demonstration and dissemination of improved technologies to the end users/farmers

Despite limited resources, AZRC has considerable role in increasing agricultural productivity of the area through development of improved techniques of water management &crop production. The scientists have published more than one hundred research papers / articles in research journals of national and international repute beside different reports / brochures printed in national language (Urdu) for guidance of the end-users. Recent publications are available on net in PDF format. Salient achievements in brief are as under.


  • Non availability of quality seed of improved varieties of cereals, pulses and oil seed crops
  • Lacking suitable water harvesting and conservation techniques for efficient utilization of water through improved cropping patterns and organic composts under Rod-Kohi and Barani farming.
  • High cost of inorganic fertilizer and lacking improvement of soil health through the use of bio-fertilizer (composts, inoculums, green manuring and humic substances) under irrigated farming.
  • Lacking knowledge regarding importance of arid horticulture fruit plants like top quality date palm, ber, falsa, guava, pomegranates, cheeku etc.
  • Lack of adaptation of improved production technologies due to limited resources.
  • Elimination of palatable and drought resistance grasses due to over grazing and mismanagement of range areas.

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