MARC has a small set up of three research programs to address issues related to crops ( cereals, fruits, vegetables and fodders), natural resources (soil, water, range lands, forests and medicinal plants and  livestock & fisheries (feed, diseases and multiplication) to effectively address the relevant emerging issues of the region  and accomplish research agenda of the Center. Each program has specific Terms of References (ToRs) but work in close collaborations with a holistic approach to find appropriate and viable solutions for the benefits of the farmers and other end users.

MARC is implementing its research agenda through following four research stations:

  • Mountain Agricultural Research Station, Chilas.
  • Mountain Agricultural Research Station, Skardu.
  • Mountain Agricultural Research Station, Astore.
  • Trout Research and Multiplication Station, Juglote

MARS, Chilas is mainly engaged in improving agricultural productivity in double copping zone where as the one in Skardu caters for research needs of high altitude areas lying in single cropping zone. The research station at Astore is working exclusively for development and conservation of the medicinal plants resource where as TRMS is involved in research on trout fish.