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Vision & Objectives


Production of vegetables and herbs in and around household make a substantial, though rarely appreciated contribution to the food security of the poorest segments of the society. In big cities for home gardening, the availability of land is scarce, whereas, the inhabitant likes to produce as much as possible on a small piece of land by following a very intensive method of cultivation which includes also growing vegetables in pots, boxes and such other structures.

This project purpose is to formulate and demonstrate healthy kitchen gardening activities in urban & peri-urban areas of Islamabad / Rawalpindi and in turn the inhabitants will be able to produce/engage;

  • Fresh, cheaper, healthy and pesticide free vegetables at home level.
  • The young generation/female gender and family members in healthy and productive activity.


The long-term objectives of this proposal will be to introduce / demonstrate / make available safe and healthy production of vegetables at household level. The short-term objectives of the proposal will be achieved by producing fresh and cheap vegetables through involvement of male and female members of the communities of urban areas of Islamabad/ Rawalpindi and their capacity building.

Specific Objectives:

The specific objectives are as under:

  • To create awareness about kitchen gardening.
  • To improve skills for growing fresh and safe vegetables without use of any pesticide.
  • To provide complete set of production technology including quality seedlings and potted plants of summer and winter vegetables.
  • To set up / organize “Kitchen Gardener’s Clubs (KGC)” to provide advisory services at door step.

The objectives of the current proposal are in line with the objectives of agricultural development which are to achieve self-reliance in agricultural commodities, to ensure food security and to improve productivity of crops.

Management structure

Horticultural Research Institute (HRI), National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) has a team of qualified and dedicated scientists who has the major responsibility of research and development. Since its inception we have trained a large number of male and female members of the community for capacity building at various locations. Moreover, various interventions have been designed and proposed to address the issue of food security.

Project incharge will manage the execution of the project in Islamabad / Rawalpindi under PARC. The existing management and financial systems of PARC will be followed for the implementation of the subject project. The PARC will depute the scientific and para-scientific staff for the execution of project activities. The overall responsibility of monitoring and evaluation will however be with Planning & Development Division, PARC.

Technical parameters:

The methods and approaches that shall be used include the establishment of Kitchen gardener’s clubs in the project area. The project shall further identify major stake holders and identify ways to integrate them in project activities at various stages of the project implementation. By doing so, and by ensuring the availability of alternate livelihood opportunities, combined with a comprehensive awareness campaign, shall help in reducing the risk of toxicity through vegetable consumption. HRI through its Kitchen Gardener’s Club will provide trainings, seedlings and potted plants for their kitchen gardens. Kitchen Gardener’s Club members will be encouraged to become service provider or entrepreneurship for the members.

Transfer of Technology:

Major activity of the project would be development oriented in order to provide fresh and healthy vegetables. These activities will play a vital role in combating against malnutrition in urban and peri-urban areas. It is expected that through the project interventions a fresh and healthy vegetables will be available at cheaper or with minimum investment of time and money.


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