Honeybee Research Institute


  • Backstopping-provision of wax foundation sheets to small beekeepers of Apis.cerana and A. mellifera

  • Provision of quality queens to beekeepers and provincial institutes

  • Sale of bi- product from experimental honey producing colonies.

  • Training for making beekeeping equipment

  • Ornamental/ Minor honey plant (Antigonan leptopus) “Chain of Love” available for sale

  • Introductory package of pollen capsules and royal jelly as health food has been introduced

  • Training for promotion of beekeeping for income generation (interested person can apply on the prescribed proforma for training given below):-

This course will be a blend of theoretical knowledge and hands on training in the field on an apiary of bee colonies and in honey quality and disease diagnostic lab. Half of the training time will be devoted to work sessions for practicing the techniques taught in the lectures. All beekeeping equipment will also be introduced in the training programme.


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