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Farm Operations and Services


  • Land Allotment (Rabi/Kharif)
  • Farm Operations
  • Irrigation (Controlled/Uncontrolled/High Efficiency Irrigation System)
  • Technical services for field/experimental machinery, equipment and tools
  • Landscaping

The distribution of NARC farm area (564.7 Ha) is as under:

Irrigated (U/Ground Irrigation System)

43.8   Ha

High efficiency Irrigation system

23.3   Ha

Irrigated (Flood Irrigation System)

64.9   Ha

Barani / Rainfed

332.7 Ha

Building, Roads & CDA waste

100.0 Ha


564.7 Ha












Length of farm roads

66  Km  

Irrigation Channel (Capacity 2Cusec)

03   Km


02   Km

Water reservoirs (Capacity 6ACF each)

02   Nos

Tubewells (capacity 0.5 cusic)

02   Nos


PARC Toll Free
Help Desk (9:00am to 5:00pm)


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