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wheat Program

Wheat Research Program

Q. How many varieties have been developed by PARC, and which are the varieties recommended for general cultivation?

Ans.PARC has its contribution in development of Wheat varieties viz. Saryab-92, Kohsar-95, Margalla-99, Wafaq-01, NARC-2009, Tejaban-10, NARC-2011 and Pakistan-2013.In addition, National Research System developing wheat varieties for different ecological zones through PARC National Uniform Testing System (NUWYT). Following wheat varieties are recommended for different areas of Pakistan.  


Irrigated:Uqaab-2000, Farid-2006, Mairag-2008, Lasani-2008, Faisalabad-2008, Aas-2011, Millat-2011, NARC-2011, Punjab-2011, AARI-2011, Galaxy-2013.

Rainfed:         Chakwal-50, NARC-2009, BARS-2009, Bharabi-2011 and Pakistan-2013


TD-1, SKD-1, Imdad 2005, Saasi, 2006, Khirman-2006, NIA Amber-2010, NIA Sunehri-2010, NIA Sunder-2011, NIA Sarang-2013, Benazir-2013


Irrigated:       Pirsabak-2004, Pirsabak-2008, Hashim-2008, Pirsabak-2013

Rainfed:         Pirsabak-2005, Tatara, NIFA, Shahkar-2013, Lalma-2013


Zargoon-79, Zarlashta-99, Raskoh-2005


Q. What are the recommended fertilizers and their dose per acre?



At planting

At 1st or 2nd irrigation


2 bags DAP + 1 bag Urea + 1 bag Potash

0.5 bag Urea


1.5 bags DAP + 1 bag Urea + 1 bag Potash


Q. What are the main sources of seed availability?


  • Punjab Seed Corporation
  • Research Institutes
  • Private seed companies
  • Authorized seed agencies/dealers

Q. What are the major diseases and how these can be controlled?

Ans.    Major Disease:

  • Leaf rust
  • Yellow rust
  • Stem rust
  • Loose smut
  • Kernal bunt


  • For leaf rust, yellow rust and stem rust: Use of improved varieties having resistant against these diseases
  • For loose smut and Kernal bunt: seed treatment with recommended fungicides before sowing

Q. What are the major recommendations for farmers to improve wheat production?


  • Sowing of wheat before November 20
  • Adoption of drill sowing
  • Seed rate @50 kg/acre (normal sowing) and @60 kg/acre (late sowing)
  • Use of quality seed of recommended varieties
  • No water shortage at tillering, booting and grain filling stages
  • Use of recommended fertilizer doses
  • Efficient weed control
  • Adoption of mechanized harvesting/threshing to avoid harvest and post harvest losses

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