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Seminar on “Crop Wild Relatives Genetic Resources of Pakistan and their Utilization” Tentative during mid-November, 2018 at NARC, Islamabad

Dated: 27th August, 2018

Bio-resources Conservation Institute (BCI) formally known as Plant Genetic Resources Institute (PGRI) is the focal body of National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) working under the administrative control of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) and Ministry of National Food Security and Research (NFS & R). Plant Genetic Resources Program (PGRP) of BCI is responsible to deal with the plant genetic resources (PGR) pertinent to food and agriculture. The National Genebank of Pakistan (NGP) at BCI is the only national facility for conserving and distributing the PGRFA to the NARS and Academia for R & D.

Recent developments in PGRFA utilization have highlighted the importance of crop wild relatives (CWR) for developing innovative crop cultivars with traits of economic importance. Additionally recently scenario of Climate Change has emphasized utilization of CWR in breeding/pre-breeding as many of their traits have the potential to help crops become more resistant and adaptive to the climate change.

Anthropogenic pressures are putting a severe strain on the natural distribution of crop wild relatives and threatening their existence. Threats to these species are mostly linked to habitat loss, fragmentation, degradation and climate change. The predicted rise in global temperature over the next 50 years and consequent changes in regional and seasonal rainfall patterns will have a significant impact on the survival of CWR, accelerating the reduction of suitable habitats and increasing the rate of genetic erosion many species will extinct by 2050.

Under the theme of Adapting Agriculture to Climate change, an initiative has been taken by the Global Crop Diversity Trust to collect CWRs of the important food crops. Pakistan participated in this activity with the aim to identify, collect, conserve, document and use target CWRs diversity. Consequently this diversity will be made available to the breeders to utilize in varietal development programs in the era of climate change. Pakistan has joined this global and noble cause under the lead of Crop Trust and contributed to the project “Collection of CWRs in the genepool of 18 crops in Pakistan”. Through this collaborative effort we were able to collect 69 populations of 15 target species from diverse ecologies spread all over Pakistan.

In the framework of project accomplishments, it is the time to share information with the biologists including breeders, plant geneticists, plant protectionists, taxonomists and allied disciplines working on CWR for R & D. Hence a one day seminar on the subject has been scheduled at NARC during mid-November, 2018. The Chairman (PARC) will grace the occasion.

You are cordially requested to please keep your time reserved for this event being the subject specialist and valuable stakeholder/participant. The formal letter along with program outline will be communicated upon your consent.

For further details, please contact  

Dr. Shakeel Ahmad Jatoi
CWR Project In-charge
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Dr. Sadar Uddin Siddiqui
Secretary/PSO, BCI
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Ph. 05190733731

Director, BCI/Organizer
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