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Sugarcane Variety YT-55-Thatta Approved By Provincial Seed Council in Sindh

A new high cane and sugar yielding sugarcane variety YT-55-Thatta developed by scientists of National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute(NSTHRI), PARC, Thatta has been approved by Provincial Seed Council, Sindh for commercial cultivation in Sindh in its 33rd meeting of the council held at Agriculture, Supply and Prices Department, Government of Sindh Karachi on 29-01-2020. The said variety was already approved by Variety Evaluation Committee (VEC), Islamabad in 2018, therefore, it can be cultivated all over Pakistan.

The variety YT-55-Thatta was tested at PARC-NSTHRI, Thatta then acclimatized and adopted to varying agro-climatic zones of Pakistan. The said variety has yield potential of 1500-1800 Mnds/acre and CCS 13%. The other attractive features are: rapid and excellent germination, fast growth habit in all growth stages, profused and uniform tillering ability, resistant to insect pests and diseases. It is the fourth addition by NSTHRI in the pool of commercially cultivated sugarcane varieties.

Dr. Naimatullah Bughio
Director, NSTHRI

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