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PARC achieving its gri. Research targets for self-sufficiency in Agriculture Production & Food Security by developing robust technologies and their speedy transfer to the stakeholders. Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman, PARC

Islamabad(1st January 2020...............):  Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, Chairman of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) since taking over the charge as Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is playing a leading role in various ways to boost PARC as Agriculture Research Organization and achieving ultimate goal of the PARC to bring prosperity and alleviate poverty from Pakistan and link the farmers with economic corridor so that they could get the award of their labor at their own.

While addressing to the participants of annual ceremony to mark the beginning of a new year 2020, the Chairman, PARC, Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan appreciated the role of Directorate of Public Relations & Protocol, PARC to maximize positive coverage of PARC. The Chairman added that Electronic & Print Media including Social Media has an important role to highlight the agri. research activities carried out by PARC / NARC and its allied stations and conveying the message of PARC at the door step of Pakistani farmers. He also urged to use social media apps to disseminate PARC achievements as the Social media is easily accessible and very cheap to afford now days.           

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan expressed that Cost effective cropping based on climate, geography and rental value of land are needed to be promoted. He urged the agriculturist to utilize their vision and experience in revitalizing agricultural research in the country. For promoting Agriculture Development, Mega PSDP Projects under Prime Minister Agriculture Emergency Program research has been designed to uplift agriculture on modern line which was in decline, now its revival is also in its full swing. The present Govt. is paying special attention on Country Agriculture Sector. Objective of the activity is to revive and promote important crops in the country and save foreign exchange on the import. The initiative will also help in promoting the cultivation of minor crops like oil seed, pulses and high value fruit, vegetables and development of livestock sector.

Dr. Azeem also told the participants that Fish production and development of Fish Cold Chain and Processing Unit has also started its work at NARC. Due to this Unit the resident of Islamabad and its nearby areas will able to get fresh Fish with full of nutrition. All steps are taken to maintain the freshness of Fish and Vacuum Packing is used to save germs free Fish. This is an exemplary step taken for the development of Fish Farming by Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC).

The Chairman, PARC also added that as far as PARC Budget is concerned, budget on non-development side has been reduced. He emphasized that PARC has contributed significantly in national economy yet it has been in a serious financial crunch which is budget deficit and financial liability to be paid in pension and commutation, Establishment and Operational. This situation has badly affected the research activities which needed to be addressed.

Dr. Muhammad Azeem Khan, the Chairman was also of the view that Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), the organization is on the way in achieving its goals in agriculture research development as well as development in administration and finance sectors of PARC. The Chairman’s address was ended with the vote of thanks.

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Edited by: Muhammad Arshad Ullah 
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