PARC Employees hold protest against non-payment of 10% increase in salary & pension in Budget 2018-19

Govt. should avoid anti agri and anti-farmers policies, says protesters.
M/o Finance, Islamabad has made liability file a rolling stone, Roshan Zada, General Secretary, PARSA, PARC

Islamabad (25th April, 2019): Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is an apex organization in the country. PARC has Establishments all over the country working for betterment of the livelihood of the resource poor farming community in the country as well as to ensure food security through better crop production. Despite of decreasing agricultural fertile land PARC scientists try their level best to self sufficient Pakistan in food grains as well as to ensure food security in the country.

It is the duty of Govt. of Pakistan to protect the rights of Govt. servants / employees by providing sufficient funds to meet their needs regarding salary and allowances. The Govt. of Pakistan has announced 10% increase in salary & pension of all Govt. employees working in different organizations during budget speech of financial year 2018-19. The same increase in salary and pension were not given to PARC employees till to date by Govt. of Pakistan, Ministry of Finance, Islamabad and has made liability file a rolling stone between M/o National Food Security & Research and M/o Finance.

PARC also submitted their liability grant of Rs. 1352/- million to M/o National Food Security & Research during July, 2018 but no funds released by the M/o Finance, Govt. of Pakistan to PARC till to date.

In the light of the situation created by Govt. of Pakistan, a joint action committee of PARSA PARC & Employees Association EAPARC hold a strong & peaceful protest against the attitude of M/o Finance, Govt. of Pakistan and demanded release of funds of Rs. 1352/- million as liability grant to meet the funds of PARC employees on account of 10% increase in salary, pension, commutation, PM family assistance package for deceased employees, 50% arrear of rental ceiling.

On behalf of PARC employees, members of joint action committee of PARSA & EAPARC, Dr. Tariq Sultan, Mr. Roshan Zada, Rao Shah Jahan, Azizullah Shah, Altaf Sher, Rana Maqsood, Ch. Aslam Gujjar, Syed Sajid Naqvi and Dr. Zahida Fatima addressed to the participants of protest and demanded to Prime Minster of Pakistan and Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan to fulfill the requirement of PARC as announced in budget for FY. 2018-19. The speakers demanded to the Government specially Ministry of National Food Security & Research and Ministry Of Finance to provide finances of Rs. 1352 million to PARC immediately in order to sustain strategic agricultural research and avert any further financial crises. Members of joint action committee also thanked the electronic and print media for highlighting the protest in the media.

(Hassan Sajjad)
Director / Incharge (PR&P)
Mobile 0333-5326249
Edited by: Muhammad Lateef
APS to Director (SC&P), NARC