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Media Needs to Highlight Sustainable Innovations in Agriculture Sector in Pakistan: Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Director General, NARC

Electronic & Print Media acknowledged PARC/ NARC efforts in Agricultural Research carried out at National Agricultural Research Centre, Islamabad

The Directorate of Public Relations and Protocol (PR&P) of Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) arranged an Exposure Visit of Electronic and Print Media Group aiming to acquaint the media about agri-research and development activities being carried at National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC), Islamabad to disseminate further these R&D activities / new innovations / technologies and information among stakeholders through media.

Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Director General, NARC welcomed the Electronic & Media Persons and briefed in detail about the research activies being carried out at NARC at its different institutes. Media was also told about PARC Institutes / Centres working across the country for the promotion and development of agriculture sector in Pakistan. Research activities about Livestock, Poultry and Fishiries were also updated to the Media Persons.  Afterwards, all electronic & media persons were taken to the field areas of NARC.

National Institue for Geonomics & Biotechnology (NIGAB) which is as a leading biotechnology institute both at national as well as international level and Tissue Culture Labs were also deeply visited by the media perosns. National Genebank of Pakistan at Bioresources Conservation Institute (BCI) was also visisted which has two types of conservation facilities for the seed of orthodox crop species at low temperature and relative humidity.

The media visited NARC Agricultural Engineering Institute (AEI) where a number of farm machines were displayed and briefed about farm machinery including olive extraction machine, wheat straw chopper, sisal decorticator with practical demonstration. Ispaghol Processing Plant was also seen by the Media which is a very much usefull technology for Ispahgol Processing especially in Southern Punajb and Sindh Areas where Ispaghol is cultivated widely. Portable Solar Irrigtion System developed by AEI, NARC was also shown and intrtoduced to the visitors. Briefing about solar system, Media was told that it was developed and demonstrated as pilot project at Chakri.

Solar drying technology for fruit and vegetables to manufacture value added products was also demonstrated. On-going research work on different fruits plants in green houses was also presented. Media also visited vegetable experimental area where a number of vegetable nurseries for summer vegetables were ready. On-going Wheat research activites were aslo observed on the spot.

Electronic & Print Media also visited Field Cultivation Areas of Soybean Crop, While briefing to the participants about Soybean Cultivation at NARC, Dr. Ghulam Muhammad Ali, Director General NARC said that Keeping in view of the importance of soybean crop and huge import bill of soya meal and oil, Oilseeds Research Program of PARC has planted seed multiplication blocks of soybean promising varieties at NARC farm and also distributed seed to different Government Departments and farmers. Objective of the activity is to revive and promote an important crop in the country in Potohar, KP and GB and save foreign exchange on the import of soybean oil and meal.

While visiting to Honeybee Research Institute (HBRI), NARC, Media perosns were briefed that NARC has practically promoted beekeeping with Apis mellifera in the country. At present scenario, honey production increased tremendously. However, carrying capacity of floral source has potential of 10 times. This is the success story of PARC for the establishment of this species in the country. HBRI, NARC also improving skills of beekeepers, wax recycling for wax foundation sheets through training to agricultural extension staff, beekeepers, universities, research institutes and technical training institutes.

Media perosns shown their keen interenst in agri. Research activies carried out by NARC and ensured to highlight to disseminate new agricultural information / knowledge among farming community.

(Maqbool Shahbaz)
Director (PR&P) PARC
Edited by: Muhammad Fiaz Joyia
Director (SC&P) NARC


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