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Visit of Bioscience Faculty Members & Students of Barrett Hodgson University-Salim Habib Campus at PARC-SARC KU-Campus

As an ongoing interaction of PARC-Southern-zone Agricultural Research Centre with active stakeholders in exploring research learning and its potentials for future, the Barrett Hodgson University-Salim Habib Campus Karachi availed a visit to SARC K.U. Campus on 14th October 2019. The visiting team was headed by Dr.Aqeel Ahmad Professor of Bioscience accompanied with faculty member and enthusiastic students.

With guidance of Dr.S.A.R.Kazmi DG PARC-SARC, the visit started off as scheduled only after arrival, welcoming each visitor for registration/attendance and seated for presentation session at SARC Library. After recitation of verses of Holy Quran, Director (Admin) PARC-SARC was asked to formally open session by delivering overview of PARC and its research establishments, highlighting development phases in attainment of apex status. Current organization’s structure, under research divisions and its span was illustrated, thereafter the Internship Coordinator/PSO PARC-SARC & Seminar Secretary PARC-SARC/SSO, pushed the session ahead by explaining salient functions under general mandate of research establishments specific to SARC jurisdiction.

The session and its contents were given commendable remarks by Dr.Aqeel Ahmad and on arrival of Dr.Shahana Urooj Kazmi Ex-Member(Animal Sciences Division) PARC, session gained heightened level of interaction in grasping agricultural research learnings and its dimensions. DG PARC-SARC & Ex-Member(ASD) PARC directed the listeners into realm of Theory In Action in agriculture research and energized participants for further queries. The thought provoking session had to be ceased due to time constraints, therefore Library SARC session ended with capture of group snapshots, thereafter visitors were escorted by Director (Admn) & Seminar Secretary SARC/SSO to each research establishment in KU Campus.

The walk-around trip of Faculty cum Students was very intensive and each Director/Incharge of SARC eagerly lectured/demonstrated visitors on capacity of research unit/laboratory & field area activity. Internship Coordinator PARC-SARC/ PSO openly invited aspirant visitor students wishing to work & learn with their wits in the field of agriculture research. The visit formally ended with appreciation and gratitude from each visitor and farewell from PARC-SARC with best wishes and dua.

Mr. Parwaiz Ahmed Baloch
PSO, FQSRI/Internship Coordinator
PARC-SARC, Karachi

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