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1st National Banana Festival 2019”

Agriculture Tourism is a commercial enterprise that attracts tourists to agricultural business for awareness. For the purpose a Banana festival was organized in Tando Jam, Sindh as province produces 87% of the total national production of fruit alone. The main aim was to attract visitors and to discuss constraints faced by the banana growers from production to post harvest management and marketing.

The duration of Festival was divided into three main sections

  1. Inauguration of the exhibition
  2. Technical session
  3. Visit of Banana germplasm nursery at Tando Jam (managed by PARC staff).

Mr. Noor Muhammad Baloch (DG, Agriculture Research Sindh) along with respected guests inaugurated the banana exhibition and visited all stalls. Tissue cultured banana fruit bunches harvested from field, value added products (banana powder, chips etc), farm machinery, fertilizer products were displayed.  

Mr. Tariq Tanveer, CEO (ATDCP) thanked all participants and informed about Agriculture Tourism popularly growing around the world. He was of view that people of urban areas should visit field in order to familiar with the craft of agriculture. For the purpose farmers/owners may recreate their fields during flowering and harvesting of major crop and fruits.   

As per approval of Chairman (PARC) and directives of DG, PARC-SARC, sucker initiation, multiplication, rooting nutrient media glass jars containing banana explants, plants at primary, secondary hardening stages grown in poly bags, brochures related to Banana tissue culture technology, research institutes of PARC-SARC were displayed and distributed among the visitors.

Students, Faculty members, Industrialists, Farm owners, Progressive growers, NGO’s representatives, Federal as well as Provincial Departments’ representatives and general public visited the Tissue Culture Laboratory, FQSRI stall on the day of festival. All the visitors showed keen interest and acquired knowledge/information about the process of Banana tissue culture technique, rearing of plants and their planation in the field.

The efforts of scientists/researchers of PARC were appreciated and acknowledged by banana farmers regarding survey of banana diseases in Singh province, awareness among farmers, and establishment of tissue culture labs and provision of high yielding Banana tissue cultured plants to the farmers.

Technical session included presentation and experience sharing regarding disease management in Banana (Panama Wilt and Bunchy Top). Banana growers were agreed to increase their cultivated area under tissue cultured banana varieties. Awareness regarding good agriculture practices (GAP) and control of Panama Wilt disease was stressed. It was proposed to celebrate 1st Sunday of October every year as “Banana Day”. Banana growers were of opinion to help them out regarding provision of high yielding varieties, fertilizers rate/dose and diseases control.

The site at Agriculture Research Institute, Tando Jam, Sindh where different varieties of banana tissue cultured plants i.e. NIGAB-1, NIGAB-2, Pisang and B-10 were grown for field evaluation and serving as germplasm nursery was visited by the participants. The visitors witnessed the growth and yield characteristics of high yielding banana varieties being managed by the PARC staff.

Participants of the event:

  • Director General/CSO SARC, PARC, Karachi (Dr. Syed Asim Rehan Kazmi)
  • Director General Agriculture Research Sindh (Mr. Noor Mohammad Baloch)
  • Director Agriculture Research Institute, Tando Jam (Mr. Wali Mohammad Baloch)
  • CEO, Agri. Tourism Develop. Corporation of Pak. (Mr. Tariq Tanveer)
  • Faculty members, Sindh Agriculture University Tando Jam, University of Karachi
  • Researchers/Scientists of Federal and Provincial departments
  • Banana farmers/Progressive growers
  • NGO representatives
  • Private Tissue Culture lab owners
  • Syed Raheel Nasir Shah (Progressive grower)
  • Syed Nadeem Shah (President Sindh Abadgar Board/Progressive grower).
  • Agha Zafarullah Durrani (Progressive grower).
  • Mir Zafrullah Talpur (Progressive grower)
  • Syed Zarar Ahmed Shah (Progressive grower)
  • Mr. Niaz Ahmed Nizamani (TCL owner and Progressive grower)
  • Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed, PSO/Director, FQSRI, PARC-SARC, Karachi.
  • Mr. Qazi Mahmood Ali, PSO, FQSRI, PARC-SARC, Karachi.
  • Mr. Parwaiz Ahmed Baloch, PSO, TCL, FQSRI, PARC-SARC, Karachi.
  • Mr. Salahuddin Junejo, CSO, NSC&HRI, PARC-Thatta.
  • Dr. Ghullam Mohiddin Kaloi, SSO, NSC&HRI, PARC-Thatta.
  • Mr. Fateh Khan Nizamani, PSO, PARC-WAWMI, Tando Jam.
  • Mr. Nisar Ahmed Soomro, PSO, PARC-WAWMI, Tando Jam.

(Parwaiz Ahmed Baloch)
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