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Plantation of Bread Fruit (Artocarpus altitis)

Bread fruit (Artocarpus altitis) plants successfully cultured in Tissue culture laboratory of FQSRI, PARC-SARC, Karachi were transplanted in main field of Dhabeji, Gharo and Kathore areas of Thatta and Malir Districts of Sindh on 07-08-2019. Six months old plants were shifted in the field. The main objective of the study was to evaluate performance this plant in different fields.

A total of twenty-five (25) plants were planted in SZABIST ZABTECH (Institute of Technical &Vocational Education) at Dhabeji, Thatta, Agriculture Farm of Mr. Nadir Ali Madhani at Gharo, Thatta and Quaid-e-Azam Public School at Kathore, Malir.

Bread fruit belongs to family Moraceae including other members i.e. Jack fruit (Kathal) and Mulberry (Shehtoot) and is native to Malaysia and Philippines. It is grown in more than ninety (90) countries of the world and the fruit is boiled, baked, steamed, roasted, pickled, fried, fermented and made into flour. The plant and its other parts are used as medicine, insecticides, adhesives, timber, and livestock fodder and has become component of agroforestry system. Having need of sub-tropical climatic conditions for its proper growth, the plants have been introduced in southern part of Sindh to check/test its growth.

Dr. Akhlaq Ahmed (Director/PSO, FQSRI), Mr. Qazi Mehmood Ali (PSO), Mr. Parwaiz Ahmed Baloch (PSO) and Dr. M. Abbass Bhutto (SSO) carried out the task under the guidance of Dr. Syed Asim Rehan Kazmi (DG/CSO, PARC-SARC) Karachi. 


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