Consultative Workshop on “Resilient Adaptations and Livelihood Improvement Interventions for Expansion of Quality Honey Production in the Country”

A consultative workshop on “resilient adaptations and livelihood improvement interventions for expansion of quality honey production in the country” was organized by Honeybee Research Institute (HBRI), National Agricultural Research Institute (NARC), Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC), Islamabad in collaboration with HI-AWARE, Climate, Energy and Water Research Institute (CEWRI) on 27th September, 2018 at SSRI, NARC, Islamabad.

The objective of the workshop was to formulate recommendations for expansion of honey production in the country, to establish honey quality standards and quality honey production parameters and to find ways for conservation, promotion and upscaling of the bee flora in the country.

The program started with the recitation of the Holy Quran. Dr. Rashid Mahmood PSO/Director HBRI welcomed the participants. He briefed about the objectives of the training course. Dr. Munir Ahmad, Member, Natural Resources Division, PARC Chief guest addressed the audience about the importance of the workshop and emphasized on identifying/new area of honey production and find solutions in solving honeybee issues. Dr. Sarfraz Ahmed, PSO/Director Range Management and Forestry, PARC thanked the participants for sparing out time for this valuable workshop. A total of 40 participants were registered for the training which showed keen interest in lectures and group discussion.

The First technical session was started by delivering series of lectures. The first lecture was given by Dr. Asif Aziz, Assistant Professor PMAS-AAUR, Rawalpindi on “Overview of Honey industry in Pakistan, Key issues and challenges of Beekeeping in Pakistan, Bee floral current situational analysis in the country Climate Resilient Adaptations and livelihood Improvement interventions to enhance beekeeping in the country. The 2nd lecture was given by Ms. Ammara Blouch, Scientific Officer, HBRI-NARC on “Issues in honey quality production, Honey standards of local honey in conjunction with European honey standards, Quality concerns related to honey quality in Pakistan. The third lecture was on “Climate Change and Beekeeping Sustainability in Pakistan: Challenges and Opportunities delivered by Mr. Ghulam Sarwar, Senior Scientific Officer, HBRI-NARC.

The Second Technical Session started by formulating four groups. Each group contained people from Research/Academia, Honey Exporters/Manufacturers/Traders, Beekeeping Associations, Progressive Beekeepers and representatives from Punjab Food Authority.  Each group gave their recommendations on the above said objectives which were later presented in the 3rd Technical Session by each group. The final recommendations were compiled by the consensus of the participants.     

In the concluding session, Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I Chairman, PARC joined as Chief Guest. He was given a presentation by Mr. Khalid Rafique, Scientific Officer, HBRI on the final recommendations. Member NR also joined again in the concluding session. Chairman, PARC appreciated the efforts of HBRI scientists and staff for successfully completing the one day consultative workshop on. He further instructed to develop ALP projects. Dr. Rashid Mahmood PSO/Director thanked the participants for participating in this valuable workshop. At the end certificates were distributed among participants and resource persons that successfully completed this training.