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Visit Report of USAID Respresentatives

USAID representatives Mr. John Smith Sreen and Micheal Hryshchyshyn visited PARC-AZRI, Umerkot on 14th September, 2018. The representatives visited the farmer’s Chilli field of Mr. Javed Rajar where they saw the management practices of chilli crop and drying techniques applied by farmers. The USAID representatives appreciated the farmer’s chilli management and drying techniques. Experts also suggested best procedures for more production of chilli.  After the field visit, meeting was held in Hefeez Halepoto Hall (HHH) at PARC-AZRI Umerkot. Dr. Attaullah Khan, Director AZRI with his team welcome the delegation. The representatives of the different companies i.e. National Food, Zaika Food, and Shan Foods; farmers and NGO’s attended the meeting.

Director AZRI, Umerkot briefed the research outcomes of chilli under ALP and PSF projects. In addition he also explained the agriculture and livestock scope in this area. USAID representatives applauded such a wonderful practices adopted by the farmers. They affirmed to focus more on chillies production, drying procedures and marketing for more benefit of farmers and agriculture sector to enhance the National GDP. After completion of meeting the John and Michal planted Neem tree at AZRI and also commented on visiting book of AZRI:      

“A real pleasure to see the great enthusiasm among farmers, traders, processors and AZRI. USAID is pleased to be part of this partnership (John Smith)” and

“Thank you for the warm welcome and sharing your knowledge with us. We look forward to continuing to partner together and wish you every success. Always a pleasure to visit and many thanks for support from Dr. Attaullah and AZRI. Its time USAID to work with AZRI in coordination for batter Agriculture of this area.  (Micheal Hryshchyshyn)”

The meeting ended with vote of thanks by the Director PARC-AZRI Umerkot


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