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Trees Plantation under ‘Plant for Pakistan’ Campaign Started at PARC-NTHR, Shinkiari Mansehra

Trees Plantation under ‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign started at PARC-NTHR, Shinkiari Mansehra on 6th September, 2018 by planting of Chir Pine (Pinus roxburghii) by Director, Scientists and Staff of PARC-NTHRI.

On this occasion Director, NTHRI said the climate change issue can be tackled through initiatives like tree plantation on mass scale. He also said that PARC-NTHRI, Shinkiari is producing nursery plants of tea, fruits and forest species for the growers of the area and the under ‘Plant for Pakistan’ campaign efforts will be more intensified for the production of large number of plants of tea, fruits and forest species to bring more area under trees plantation. Plantation of tea in the potential areas suits best under the Plant for Pakistan’ campaign as tea is an evergreen and long life crop and its cultivation can bring economic returns to the growers in addition to its  environmental benefits. Tea plantation in the mountainous areas will reduce the soil erosion and is also a good habitat for variety of wild life.


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