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Meeting of State Minister (NFS&R) at NSTHRI, PARC, Thatta

Syed Ayaz Ali Shah Sheerazi, State Minister for National Food Security and Research, Government of Pakistan held a meeting on 13th February 2018 in his camp office at National Sugar and Tropical Horticulture Research Institute (NSTHRI), PARC, Thatta. In the meeting Dr. Asim Rehan Kazmi, Director General, SARC, PARC, Karachi, Director, NSTHRI, Thatta, representatives of Federal Seed Certification and Registration Department (FSC &RD) and Pakistan Agricultural Storage and Services Corporation (PASSCO) participated. The meeting started with the recitation from the holy Quran. Mr. Sheerazi welcomed the participants. The representative of each department briefed the State Minister regarding current progress. Mr. Sheerazi said that for improving crop productivity and quality, the sale of substandard seed of wheat, sunflower and other crops should be banned and the trader who was found to be involved in selling of uncertified seed should be taken to task. Mr. Sherazi directed that pragmatic efforts should be made to ensure pure and certified seed availability in the market for the growers. Mr. Sheerazi appreciated the role of Southern Zone Agriculture Research Centre (SARC) in promoting innovative research in Pakistan. He also said that efforts of NSTHRI for sugarcane variety development are laudable. He further said that role of a variety is very important for enhancing cane and sugar production; therefore, new sugarcane varieties with cane and sugar yield potential should be developed in Pakistan. 


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