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Visit Report Senior Director (Estt. /HR), PARC

Official presence of the Senior Director Establishment/HR PARC at SARC Karachi & NSTHRI Thatta was beneficial as several exhaustive seminars/lectures on CBPM (competence based performance management) were conducted at Thatta (on 13 Feb, 2018) & SARC Library Karachi (on 14 Feb, 2018) in sessions specifically designed to address Scientist/Officers and Staff separately. The sessions highlighted mundane administrative irritants that could easily be tackled through performance based promotion and merit based appointments. Organizational success as a going concern greatly depends upon its assets and Human Resource being one of them. Quality of HR surely depends upon its quality while induction and retention/uplift. KPI (key performance indicators) can bring in real management/ administrative remedies that could be instrumental in achieving objectives. Competencies such as core or functional need to be identified, developed/harnessed and supported for improving performance. Interactive/ consultative process among specific level to supporting KPI within organization can bring huge change in skills, attitudes and performance of individuals that directly contribute towards success of individual and entity in aggregate.


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