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PARC Focus on Agri-Research and Coordination Activities

Islamabad (October 18)……. Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) should focus on Agricultural Research and Research Coordination activities. Scientists and Officers at PARC HQs should have soft and helping attitude. The scientific community is small in number in our country for 200 million people.  This was stated by Chairman PARC Dr. Yusuf Zafar T.I. while addressing the senior scientists and officers at PARC (HQs) on October 18 for giving his future guideline, vision and strategy for the improvement of performance of PARC system.

Chairman PARC said that National Agricultural Research Centre (NARC) has 70% fighting force for agricultural research and development activities. PARC is an apex organization for agricultural research at national level having diversified disciplines of agriculture. He said that the Agricultural Linkages Programme (ALP) and Research for Agricultural Development Programme (RADP) Projects are source of oxygen and funding to support small and important projects of PARC and other national agricultural research system.

He said that the efforts of Pakistani scientists and farming community for the development of agriculture sector in Pakistan are appreciated that resulted to enhance agricultural productivity in the country and due to this approximately over 9 mt of wheat stock are still available in the country. Besides, the production of fruits and vegetables also improved in the country.

On this occasion, he has given his future guidelines, vision and approach to scientists for the promotion and development of agriculture sector in Pakistan. Chairman PARC had also addressed the senior scientists and officers of NARC on same guidelines on October 17.

He said that he is taking various measures to improve administrative and financial matters in PARC system. He has also given directives to PARC Establishment to initiate promotion process of scientists and employees and complete task upto December 2016. He also announced that the performance of each Institute of PARC system as well as scientist and officer will also be reviewed to improve their performance and working efficiency of the organization.

(Sardar Ghulam Mustafa)
Director (PR&P) PARC
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Edited by: (Sabiha Amin)
Principal Editor (SI), NARC
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